Ex-Inquest Doctor

By CheshireKing on January 13th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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This asura was known as the craziest and dangerous doctor of the inquest. often finding people to expand and working on dangers weaponry and explosive. Thought after an instant where a loved one was used in another person experiment and got killed. he left the Inquest, not before setting off a huge exposes that could be seen across the area. He soon landed a job working the Charr in weapons building.

That his backstory. I would like to know if the coloring is ok with his armor set. The one on the right is the armor I have on him right now and the one of the left is the headset I'm trying to look for him but I want to know if it looks good on him. So tell me what you think of him


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