By snekk on January 7th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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My coolest of cool necro asura! This is one of my favorite outfits. All in black, but with colorful weapons to brighten things up.


Fashion Collector
I'm really critical towards Asuras and Charrs because they have so many armors that clip with their ears, horns or fingers (like asura). The thing here is, you presented your character in certain light, let me tell you in which light I see it. The helm is clipping with the ears, and should be immediately replaced. The Dye choices are okay IF you see parts of skin on your character. It also is viable with Human, Sylvari or Norn Reaper, but only in some instances. Here I can't really see anything besides his arm and a bit of his face skin. Either get rid of that fugly helmet that is clearly clipping with the ears, and keep the dye mix, or change your dyes to make it more captivating, because I can see no originality here.

The Legendary weapons here serve only as you described a "distraction". They are not suppose to be some kind of ADDITION, they are suppose to be the CENTRE of your outfit, unless you feel like showing the world your accomplishments. So next time you try to make your character around some Legendary weapon/bp/trinket, be sure to match the dyes, armor pieces and bp with said Legendary.

The art in this particular situation is to be able to build your whole idea on a good foundation. The foundation is there. The idea isn't.

2018-01-08 1:03

Thanks for the comment! I appreciate you taking the time to write about your thoughts on my outfit :)

I can see the clipping being a deal breaker for some people, but personally I've never really thought about it, and even you telling me it's there it doesn't bother me. I love this hat and it kinda makes the outfit, so I won't be changing it any time soon, sorry :P

The outfit name was tongue-in-cheek. She may dress all edgy, but she's still asura, and will therefore always be a goofball to me. Regardless, I don't think armor and weapon style need to be the same in general. That would be boring to me, but clearly not everyone shares that opinion.

I don't really put much thought into my outfits other than finding a theme or piece that I like, and then making it look good, but maybe I should start thinking about it more. And incorporate the weapons into the outfit more.

Thanks again!
2018-01-09 23:44 in reply to RASCALLON

Fashion Collector
Well I know the comment might have been like you SHOULD change it, but it really wasn't meant that way. I was just giving you my objectivity on what I really felt about it, and sometimes it may come out as a ultimatum or proposal of sorts. Again, I'm sorry for this misuderstanding.

To the topic at hand, I would like to say it's brave of you to be immune to the clipping effect. I myself am detailist and if I see just a tiny little thing sticking out, I must adress it. Perhaps that's just my OCPD, who knows.

2018-01-10 0:28 in reply to snekk

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I can't really see anything; can't tell the scarf from the Headdress, Adept Coat's supposed to have a really bright ring around the waist but you killed it.
2018-01-10 19:32