Holosmith Bounty Hunter

By Roman_Mandracchia on November 14th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
2 1
1 0
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This is my very first look on here. I imagine many holowsmiths have become bounty hunters in the Crystal Desert. It also sounds like an ideal job for a charr! The charr have shown that they're quite capable when it comes to technology, not to mention they invented the engineer-class originally.

With that said, I used the Magitech Armguards because it looks like it could be a holoforge.I did my best to mix what a charr might wear with a holosmith's equipment.

EDIT: Mihrean, you are totally right about the weapons and such. I have rectified that, as well as the screenshots. I hadn't given screenshots at night, with the weapons, or in a different environment. So, I took screenshots of all of those things in one! Enjoy!


Fashion Guru
Hey I love this look. Whilst the mask/magitech on charr engies is quite frequently used the bounty hunter aspect freshens this considerably. I also like the idea of the gloves as the holoforge. Silver, but I'd be willing to increase my vote if you presented more screens/ showed us what weapons you use etc...
2017-11-16 6:21

I added the weapons and backpiece that I, personally, use. The Exterminator is my choice simply because of the burning effects that the holoforge inflicts on my enemies. So, a flamethrower will magnify that. The gas mask is to protect from fumes, smoke, and any other thing that you would likely not want to breathe in whilst using a holoforge or flamethrower. The backpiece looks like a jetpack and we have engineer skills like rocket boots, so it is a fun imaginative touch to have it there! Hope you like it! =D
2017-11-17 13:39 in reply to Mihrean

I love your look! But I have a question, can you recommend a different color than Enameled Emblaze?
I would be glad if you help me. Thank you for everything.
2018-05-30 6:10

Harrowing Maroon Dye is almost the same exact dye, but it may be expensive. Sienna is a good one. Alternatively there's Midnight Bronze as my personal favorite. Hope these help! =D
2018-08-01 22:42