A Glint of Zodiac

By Sugar on October 26th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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If you know me you know i like shiny, and my rev does not let me down!

This look is completely personal taste, in my eyes she is stunning and super appealing, but to others i know is the complete opposite. I combined the look of glint and zodiac to come up with this very loose theme. Colouring her was the hardest part, because of the infusion clash, but with the ooze buddy every thing comes off as metallic, and in my opinion the green/blue/gold/silver/white is a stunning combination! I get some really funky effects happening, i tried to capture this against different skies and in different times of the day.

This is my first toon ive tried screen-shotting using some free camera action, and also the first time uploading using ReShade. Tips appreciated~
(at the time of writing this i cannot re-arrange my images, sorry that they are muddled around)

Infusions: x3 Ghostly, Phospholuminescent, Winters Heart, Aurora, Mystic Chromatic Ooze.


Fashion Guru
Hey there, so as you posted on my most recente look that you couldn't get high quality screens even on ultra i decided to come and check!While i think the armor combo is not bad, I feel like you could play a bit more with the camera sliders on the Options menu. Change a bit the horizontal position of camera, the field of view range and son on! (Use free camera w/o action camera mode, for some neat screenshots while walking or atacking!). Other than that, I feel like gw2 post processing is not really the best on most maps (except mb Ember Bay) so I would totally go for a ReShade kind of approach if you really wanna nail them looks around here! :) Gw2 PP brings to much bloom, it kinda hurts the eyes at some point...
Lastly, to be neaty picky I would recomend you post a ScreenShot of the character selection View of your character, so Gw2style can get a clean impression on your armor combo and dyes! :D
(Ofc this is mostly personal opinion and flavour, you can do wtv you want, that's why Gw2Style is open for all :D)
2017-10-26 6:35

Fashion Collector
Thanks for the comment! :D
I will definitely look into reshade, now that i know what it is ahha.
I have seen people do that with the camera angle, id love to but i always just find myself taking ' on the go ' screens when i find a pretty area and kinda forget to. Maybe i need to set a hour to actually take some nice ones.
Agreed about the character screen shot, i will get around to it :)
2017-10-26 21:44 in reply to vgomes93