The Desert Watchman

By QBorg on October 10th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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This is the most recent look of my Elonian Thief/Deadeye

Darius grew up in the town of Purity, on the southern border of the great Bonewall and on the edge of the Sulfuric wastes of the Desolation. Like everyone else there he had to grow up quickly, childish games and fun weren't things he had time to appreciate under the harsh rule of Palawa Joko. Though his one and only source of entertainment came from passing mercenaries and the elusive Deadeyes, thieves who have mixed the art and speed of shadow magic with the power of a rifle. Darius always listened to their tales, the hunts they were going on and the ones they had already completed. Even the little bit of joy he got came from those who killed for a living. He aspired to be like the Deadeyes, he wanted to emulate their power so he could leave Purity and the cruel rule of The Scourge of Vabbi.

He trained in secret, away from the eyes of the Awakened. He picked up new tricks all the time as more mercenaries came and went and in adulthood he learned all there was to learn. So with that, he set out in the middle of the night, rifle in hand to make a name for himself.


Fashion Guru
Not the most original out there but this is a pleasant armor mix with realistic colors and fitting character design. Gold for your first post. Please keep up the good work!
2017-10-22 18:50