No Gods of Mine

By Feebleson on October 10th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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2 1
1 0
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The Dragons and their spawn have developed power to rival that of the gods, as a Charr, it is my prerogative to counter this by all means of war possible. History lends that to defeat a god, another god must provide their power. To defeat these pretender gods I have no qualms becoming a pretender myself. Even should it be that i must become an effigy of divinity, I have forged my resolve.

Regardless of the nature of the beast, if they belong to dragons or gods, they will fall to the Charr. For as always, the Charr have no need of gods... and these creatures are no gods of mine.


Fashion Guru
Blargh, there goes my comments. Lets try this again: I love those screenshots! I think the set might work better without the shoulders though. I'd offer a replacement, but in looking at the alternatives you may be better off on this set skipping shoulders entirely. Sometimes less is more!

Also I love the orrian mix with the zodiac gear, you're definitely onto something. See if you can remake it with a charr that can wield hammers, and pair it with the precursor for the new hammer legendary! I think that'd look pretty neat. Or if you were feeling particularly spendy, mesmers can wield axes and Astralaria has starry blue effects :)
2017-10-13 2:02