Bluebird Story

By Jenpai on August 22nd, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Long time lurker finally posting... Something.

Prepare to be disappointed because I'm not one for writing stories at all despite what the look title might imply. The name was chosen as a nod to my favourite DJ Okawari song (, because I lacked the creativity to come up with a proper descriptive name, but also because of the hints of orange and blue in the look being faintly reminiscent of a bluebird's colouration.

This look started with me wanting to boost a Sylvari Thief to 80 and looking for suitable daggers to colour match her after - settling for the Warden Daggers in the end.
I'm happy with it overall. I tried to incorporate the bits of blue and orange from the daggers into the armour without overdoing it. I wanted to keep the base of the look mainly green as this is actually the first Sylvari I've made that is predominantly that colour.

The reason this look is marked as Help Wanted is because I really don't like going full cultural on Sylvari, mix or not. Feels unoriginal. But I also haven't really been able to find anything I liked over these pieces (and honestly, I think I've looked at everything) so that really sucks. Is this a big problem? Please let me know. The only piece I really want to keep are the shoulders - I've never used them before and really love how they look together with the daggers when dyed orange.

Will absolutely take suggestions for headpieces too, I thought about using the Wreath of Cooperation already but I'm using that on some other characters already and don't want to always stick with the same safe stuff, y'know.

I'd have taken more screenshots in various locations if the look was set in stone, but it's not even done yet. Not if I can help it, at least. For backpieces, The Wayfarer's Henge could be an option maybe. But I feel like it's kind of too bulky for a Thief. Not sure. There might be other good alternatives here, I haven't really looked into backpieces very much.

Thanks in advance. Also why do we gotta use Imgur, the image quality becomes so bad...


Fashion Guru
I really like the subtle colours of your character. I understand your point about full cultural not being original. As far as full sylvari looks go you really only have the leystone set to match. Other pieces can look good intermixed; I particularly like the Koda's chestpiece but you have to remember the moment you get in a strangely lit area like bloodstone fen all your dyes will display differently and the cultural/non-cultural will probably clash :(s
2017-08-23 12:40

Petite Pluie
Your sylvari is sooo beautiful! I really like the mix of cultural armor you made with these colors, it looks so natural! I am a big fan of the sylvari race so.. Full cultural armor don't really bother me :) The fact that you used different tier of cultural armor is great though :D
2017-08-23 17:13