Sokka in 40 Years (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

By Star-Spangled Skies on August 20th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Back after a month-long hiatus!

I was rewatching the Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender recently for nostalgic feels and got some inspiration for character design. After seeing an older Sokka, I decided to make an outfit based on him - 40 years later, after the end of the Hundred Years War, as the chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe.

Most of my looks thus far have been rather colorful with lots of effects (casting spells, etc) as the main draw. Here, I wanted to create a more down-to-earth/realistic tone and give attention to the actual armor mix and dye choices. Since I put together this outfit on my main character, a staff elementalist, I had to forgo a lot of melee abilities which made it a bit harder to take unique screens. I also wanted to make a set of light armor look like heavy armor, which proved to be somewhat of a challenge as all I had in my wardrobe were skirt-type leggings.

All in all, though, it was pretty fun to make and even introduced me to PvP (I had to play a lot in order to get the helm), which I had never touched before as a devout PvE/raids player. Hope you enjoy seeing the final product as much as I had fun creating it!

The last two screens were purely accidental (both taken while still searching for appropriate armor choices)


Fashion Guru
I know I have to go watch those... my friends keep reminding me...
Anyway, no idea as to the character, but I think your theme comes across really well. I especially love the cowl and the boots. I love the geometric metal running through the look and the way your subtle dyes don't distract from it. It makes for a very realistic light armour which is nice to see. Not sure about the pauldrons, but then that might be a character thing... Great presentation and last screen is hilarious :) Gold
2017-08-20 4:52

Fashion Collector
I'm not familiar with the whole Avatar thingy but this is one bad-ass way to make a licht armour look heavy GOLD!
2017-08-20 5:38

I like it! Love the whole ice theme you have going on with Sokka. Overall very stylish!
2017-08-20 6:51

Fashion Collector
Very rarely used armor choices mixed with traditional dyes and a good concept, gold from me!
2017-08-20 9:18

Star-Spangled Skies
Thanks for the comments guys! Mihrean - ideally I would've used the Sworn Zaishen Helm skin to express a wolf theme (the tribe wore wolf heads in battle) but I have absolutely no idea where to get it, so I had to settle for the shoulders.
2017-08-20 13:16

Fashion Collector
Really Nice combination! It is very unique. I don't know much about Avatar, but I love the look.
2017-08-21 22:47

Star-Spangled Skies
2017-08-22 0:29 in reply to dellyz

Interesting concept! Pretty cool :D
2017-08-22 11:17

Star-Spangled Skies
Thanks again :)
2017-08-22 17:31 in reply to frederickx