Barand Redburden

By guttergrave on August 10th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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afflicted with sickness, he submitted himself to blindness in a desperate attempt to stop seeing the red ghosts.

- - - -
My elementalist boy, a sad and corrupted cat man. Can't wait to use swords with him... I'm sure giving a blind charr swords is a good idea!

also....mentally unstable charr......... my weakness.....


I feel like the use of Magus pieces is a bit heavy handed that reduces the amount of originality but it makes up in not many Charr use it to begin with.

I really dig the overall look and dye scheme though. It's Superb
2017-08-12 20:02

thanks! Yeah I have a hard time dressing up charr in light armor :( he definitely will probably go through another wardrobe change like many of my characters go through to look more original. I mostly loved the hood because it fits his canon.
2017-08-13 1:13

Very cool looking charr!!!
Though its 3 pieces from the t3 armor, a bit unoriginal :S
Your presentation could also be improved.
Overall a good Silver from me :)
2017-08-13 11:17

Fashion Collector
I think it is a very solid light charr look. Light Charr is very hard to make work, so I understand difficulty in it. More screens can help presentation.
2017-08-19 0:36