The Icepath

By IDKismyname on August 3rd, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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My what-if version of the Charr Personal storyline "My father was a flame shaman"
The Flame took my sire, my brother, and the one I loved. I will allow any shackles get a hold of me. I will gladly give up my allegiance to the High Legions if all they want to do is "wait for a better moment". The Flame must be punished. My "brother" must be punished. And they will be so by my hands.

With the death of the incompetent Steelbane by my challenge, the Steel warband was no more. I've been appointed as the new Legionnaire and decided to raise a new warband under me.

Things started to look like it was going in my favor. Reeva and my brother, Kazi, stood by my side and assisted the best they could with the renovation of our warband. Until the day when my shameful sire, Clement Forktail, escaped from the Flame Legion to tell us the Grim news of the upcoming Ritual that may as well be the end of the High Legions. My warband will go and correct this.

Kazi... He betrayed us. And Reeva... the blow to the head may have been too fierce...

Rest of us survived. It seems he was keen on leaving us alive, but unfortunately Reeva took the hit a little over the limit..

Ah, Reeva... she taught me how to be more confident, how to tinker, to hunt, to enjoy life, to go out and have a drink together from time to times... and I loved her.

No tears came out, yet. A Primus once told me that "A soldier must be able to eat his ration at the end of the day, sitting besides a dead friend." I kept repeating the quote in my head over and over again until a twine of thought slithered across my mind. 'I never even got to tell her that I...' My vision blurred.

I've, no, my warband decided that we should go in the front lines against the Flame for a proper retaliation. However, learning from the event, the High Legions were now too nervous to blindly send off a brand new warband into the midst of Flame territory.

"What if the rest of them are just like that one who betrayed us? They are too inexperienced and have yet to prove their loyalty, just yet."

Despite my efforts, they were unsure if I may make the same choice if I had gotten too close to those treacherous smoked meats.

I've immediately threw away my rank and abandoned the Citadel. Throughout my self-exile, I've studied the Bitterfrost and the Icebrood. How they embrace the cold astounded me and if I could harness such power to myself, it would become an ironic end for the Flame. The Flame worships fire and considers it the ultimate power. I will show them how wrong they are and quake their beliefs by defeating them with the polar opposite of their magic.

I, Izak Hazardclaw, am now on a Frozen Warpath. The only thing hot enough around me is the fire in my soul, ready to take on my vengeance. I am frozen, like my body, in time. The only way for me to move on is once I see the Flame to fall.
Hello! I'm back with another skin. Trying out different angles for screenshots and using more various locations but I dunno, even with different camera angles, so far, it doesn't seem as different.

The hardest part of all this, however, was the lore. I opened up Word and started typing the story I had in mind for this skin, and it ended up with a three-page short story... I had to summarize it as much as I could to make it shorter, but now I'm not as satisfied >:( I have some more skins (that I've used in the past that I'm thinking of bringing it back for my entries) with their own lore and I'm afraid they may have the same problem.
Apologies in advance to people who would much rather prefer small details in armor or subtle design to blend in with the Guild Wars atmosphere. I just prefer to stand out from the crowd, so I make (most of) my skins to be bulky, shiny, glowing, or just have mixture of vibrant colors that you may have only seen on a Chinese New Year (I'd like to feature that skin eventually, by the way).


2017-08-04 17:29

Im not a fan of the wings here and the red stripes on the chest drive me crazy o.o
If they cant be dyed i wouldve chosen a different piece, i couldnt live with this xD
I also dont really like the 2-colour dye-scheme here. You might be too focused on the ice-theme and thus fall a bit flat on originality.
However your presentation is very good! The screen where hes facing the ice-elemental looks awesome and the one where you show the clash with your fire look is also nice :D
I would give you the tip to pay more attention to your background when taking screens. While your posing is really good, the backgrounds on some screens look a bit boring, partly due to the angle you shot the screen from.
Overall a nice upload, solid Silver from me :)
2017-08-05 10:30

Thank you for the suggestion XD. Yeah i know about that red stripe that cant be dyed, but the reason i kept with it was because Legion Hauberk doesnt sit sttaight up flat on top of the chest like most of the armor in GW2. Instead, it gives a bulk to the chest to go along woth the big shoulder pad. I trjed out different armors from my limited wardrobe a couple times, but i couldnt find anything better. Imma have to go skin hunting and hopefully i find a better option.

And for the screenshots, at least it feels better than my first attemlt, so I'll get there :)
2017-08-05 13:30 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Collector
I dig the overall look. Looks really monstrous!

Maybe try additional blue dyes on some parts of your armor. Dyes sometimes act differently depending on the armor piece.
2017-08-08 15:08

Thank you :)

I HAVE been currently trying out additional dye colors and what-not, and it does make the character seem more vibrant. But either way, this post is staying as is, because I'm kind of worn out from taking screenshots to edit this post XD
2017-08-09 19:36 in reply to dellyz

This is awesome!

Im in love with his story! so much time and detail went into that and it shows!

The overall look is great too. The dye choices I would never have thought of either. The originality shows here, details and thought you have put into this shows. Im in love with the screenie you have with him and that drake too XD
2017-08-11 4:01

Thanks a lot :D yeah the drake picture. I was trying to lure in a couple more to get a shot with multiple drakes coming at me, but they never made it as easy as i felt it would... so i had to compensate for just one XD.

The lore was literally a 3 page short story before i compressed it down. I feel like i never had so much fun "playing" gw2 as i did brainstorming and writing the lore.

This was technically my latest skin design in-game and i absolutely love it. I wanted to make this as good as i could in my perspective. Though it didnt get as much vote as i hoped, but oh well :)
2017-08-12 1:48 in reply to PhoenixStorm

Have to agree with PhoenixStorm, that Drake picture is probably my favorite. But overall I really like how they really look like an Corrupted Icebrood
2017-08-12 15:56

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