Kazi the Fiery

By IDKismyname on July 26th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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My what-if version of the Charr Personal storyline "My father was a flame shaman"
"We've been expecting you, cub. And watching you. Now that you're closer, I sense the family resemblance. Are you a traitor – or a double-traitor like your father? Convince me, cub. Renounce your former legion and swear allegiance to Flame."

"Slow down. Forktail said I'd retain my rank. I join as legionnaire or I don't join at all."

Earlier that day, my younger brother and I was fronted with a problem at hand. Our sire, Clement Forktail; a renegade shaman of the Flame Legion, warned us of an upcoming ritual that may call upon the end of Black Citadel as we know it. We made it out decision to confront a Flame Legion recruiter to get the better grasp of the details.

I volunteered to confront them and try to hook out the details of the identity of who may be in charge of the ritual instead of my younger brother who was the actual legionnaire, since he was more valuable to the Citadel and it would be a shame to see another legionnaire of our warband to fall so soon after another if we were to fail. I was ready to be the scapegoat for greater cause.

... But when I finally went up to the recruiter and said the line, it wasn't all just a petty lie. Deep inside, I did feel underappreciated. Both of us went to the fahrar and trained hard, both of us fought alongside Tribune Brimstone against Barradin, but only one--my younger brother, Izak--seemed to be awarded of what he deserved.

"Hmm, yes... I did do a little research on you before I came here... You've got some astonishing accomplishments under your name. Yet, the Blood doesn't recognize you that well, do they? The Flame is more than welcome to prevent such talent to go to waste. If you join, you will be granted the power beyond what you could've ever imagined to achieve. But in order to become a Legionnaire, you will have to challenge one and take their place. Legionnaire Flarekin is the one nearest to this vicinity."

I could feel the uneasiness of my brother behind the tree. 'Kazi, what are you doing?' is probably what he is thinking. Without a moment of hesitation, I charged at the tree of which my brother was behind to fell it over. One after another, my old warband tried to attack me. But it was to no avail.

"No, I'm not going to kill them, yet. They were my old warband mates, after all. But if I see them ever again, I won't be shaken." was my reply to the recruiter's suggestion.

"So, about this Legionnaire I'm about to challenge, is this the one that's leading the ritual?"


"Perfect. I'll be glad to take that honor for myself. I'll make the Citadel pay for their disrespect."


Hello! I'm IDKismyname, and this is my first entry ever. :) If you've noticed that one of the picture has a differently styled character on it, is because I'm about to create my second entry pretty soon. I've had these looks for a while now, and the reason why I'm finally posting it on GW2 Style is because there has been a number of people who's been asking me about which armor part or dyes I use and all along with their compliments through whispers and messages (many thanks to all of them!)

Since I've only begun taking screenshots for my characters today, I'm still very clumsy with picking the right angles and backgrounds for their concepts, so helpful advice for next entries are ALWAYS welcome!

I'm using a Poly-Luminescent Undulating Refractor (Orange) on one of my trinkets, which is why my Berserker looks like he's glowing. I was debating whether to use it for the entry or not, but settled on using it because it gives that optical illusion of his head being a giant torch, perfect for my "flame" concept! For the Gauntlet, I've debated between Glacial Gauntlet and Fused Gauntlet for the longest time, but Glacial won in my book.

I'm quite happy with this design, so I don't want to post up a "Help Wanted" sign, but still any suggestions you might have to improve this are still welcome. :) (unfortunately, most of the backpiece will not fit well with this, not-so-many-thanks to the nature of Poly-Luminescent Refractor)


Fashion Guru
The poly-luminescent effect looks awesome! I wouldn't like the armor dyes or combination without it, but I assume you dyed it too look good with the infusion, so job well done.
The screens aren't bad, you'll get better in time (speaking from my own experience :)
Some "action" screens and some in neutral light - that's the base (imo).

So overall I'd say it's very nice post considering it's you're first. You deserve gold.
2017-07-26 20:38

ah thank you! :) I've seen your Zodiac sylvari a few weeks back and I loved it, btw.

Yes the armor dye was so that it brings out the red without becoming a little TOO overwhelming from the Poly-luminescent effect.

Wow, I totally disregarded taking a few screenshots under a neutral light, for sure, and I'd never have caught that problem! I appreciate the advice.
2017-07-26 21:56 in reply to Katushka

Elessar Taralom
Considering this is your first upload, super well done!
The armour is a little over the top, but at least it´s consistently over the top :P
Together with the refractor the dyes really look quite cool (especially like his flamy hair!)
The screens could still use a little work, but I definitely like the direction you are going in and it´s obvious that you are really trying to present smth well made here!
My suggestions for screens would be to utilize the camera options (Field of View, Horizontal/Vertical Position) a little more and try to also take some screens in a less overbrudening light
But overall this is a cool Charr look and very impressive for your first upload, gold from me :3
2017-07-28 7:10

thank you for the tip! :) I've been trying out some screenshots by myself yesterday and I guess I'm going back for a second round today using different options for the camera, then.
2017-07-28 13:32 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Following my answer, I had a look at your entry ! Funny we both ended up doing flame-themed Charrs, even though we went in different directions.

I love the effort you out into your lore writing, and the overall mix is really nicely done. While the character menu screens doesn't really do it justice, the style goes to an entirely new level with the Poly-luminescent effect. It just hightlights perfectly the "blazing" aspects a Flame Legion Charr ! Gold for me :D

2017-07-31 8:38

Thank you! The lore was really the hardest part about making this in the end... more because I couldn't figure out how to shorten up my story any smaller than a whole page or two... (And I've been having trouble with the second one, even more so than this one!) Hopefully I've typed it up good enough for me to deliver what kind of story and concept this lore was supposed to set.
2017-07-31 15:49 in reply to Cykomore

Wow, getting so read both sides of the story makes me want to vote for them both instead of picking a side XD

He totally looks like the bad ass brother, who doesnt take crap no more. I'd love to see a lot more screenies of this dude!
2017-08-11 4:05

I am working on his armor choices a bit here and there to look a bit more apart from his brother :) once i do and i feel the time is right (wont be any time soon, since i have other skins i wanna feature firstto receive some feedbacks before uploading ver.2's), i promise this guy will be back with better screenshots and everything X)
2017-08-12 1:52 in reply to PhoenixStorm

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