The Barbaric Dragon Hunter of Fire

By Slayfire on July 15th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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HELP NEEDED! So, I think this looks pretty bad. I want to make a Dragon Hunter that uses the Barbaric helm and the hellfire arms. I use this toon in WvW mostly. So, I want the theme to be fire. To kind of match Warbringer.


Star-Spangled Skies
You *might* be able to get most of the body armor to fit together in terms of dyes, but I don't see it happening if you keep the blues of the herald's shoulderplate. As for now, I would suggest toning down the red those two straps hanging down on the leggings, the orange on the horns, and swapping out the orange on the chestplate for red and/or a steel color.
2017-07-15 14:35

Hm, I think I would try to keep the metal parts all in a metal dye, that would match the backpack. For more flame effects you could try the chst piece from the citadel of flame. Also I agree with Star-Spangled Skies about the shoulder. It looks really cool on its own, but doesn't really fit for the flame theme. You could try the houndskin mantle for shoulders, I think they really fit a worrier look.
Since I don't have a male norn, I previewed what I would like on my human char. Maybe you like it (I would dye the cloth part on the shoulder and pants in red, but it's hard to do this in the preview window^^').
2017-07-15 17:42

Thank you so much for the feedback. I will try these and update you on how it looks.
2017-07-16 9:14