Break the Seal

By Mithras on July 9th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
5 1
2 0
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This time I want to show you upgrade of my old presentation "Grenth daughter meets Asuras". But with new fresh look and story :).

Clouds in Orr were exceptionally bright today. It's been a special day. The day Tyria's people did not expect in the worst nightmares.
Enchanted in the ancient tomb Grenth is back! Feeling the power of the oncoming dragons can not stop their desire to join the feast of destruction.
Nothing will stop him! The ice seal breaks under the pressure of magic, and the golems holding the creature in the tomb are destroyed one by one.
The dead man has risen from his grave and plans to take revenge on those who once locked him in the tomb.
Taking over the body of a fallen sylvari woman will enter the world of Tyria.

"it's a beautiful day outside.
birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
on days like these, people like you...
Should be burning in hell."

Invite you to watch :).


It's great, very original piece. Love that use of the Grenth Hood, looks like a mix of plague doctor and dark adventurer who has seen many things.

The color mix its great, not too brigth and not too dark but colored. Great Job!
2017-07-13 7:58

Fashion Collector
Every time I try to shot one best frame of all i did. Thanks for good words :).
2017-07-13 11:12 in reply to Jestersan