By Jannita on July 1st, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
3 2
4 0
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Hi!! This is my guardian Dorrset. I hope you like it.


Skyr Dreymi
Please add more screens so we can rate this look! Looks beautiful from what I can see, but I won't dare rate it until I can see the outfit, in the endthis site is all about the outfit
2017-07-01 4:46

Sure! And done ^^' its my first time in this website so sorry for the inconvenience
2017-07-01 6:32 in reply to Skyr Dreymi

Fashion Guru
Hello and welcome :)
This could be a great looking fractal theme.
It's not very original armor mix, but if I forget about that I still have few things I'd do differently.
First of all I wouldn't use only celestial dye, instead I'd try to shade it so it looks similar to the fractal bow. Maybe add some soft purple/blue to some parts of the armor.
Also I think the thingy in her hair should be in different color, this one doesn't match the rest of the colors at all.
And last - the screens. Many people in here me included like to go through nice looking screens. Even if you have "ordinary" armor but present it well, you'll probably get more positive feedback. Those 4 pictures you uploaded are a good start.
2017-07-01 7:02

Thanks for your comment. I hope to upload good photos of other characters that I have more beautiful and flashy.
2017-07-01 8:13 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
you seem to have a great eye for color and setting, I look forward to more from you!
2017-07-01 9:10

As people already told you, some more screens would be really apreciated :P
Adding a screen from hero panel or char-select is always nice to show us your style in neutral light.
The few screens you have look like potential ;)
Though i fear that i have quite some critique about your outfit.
First of all the comb:
Its basically full mistward (some pieces not shown) + the radiant gloves. You should mix and match more! It always makes outfits more interesting to look at!
Also the style of the radiant gloves is very clean and plate-like, while the mistward skins are more spiky and rugged ... they dont go well together imo, at least not if you have no other skins to balance it out.
I guess you went with full celestial as colour-scheme to match the gloves, but i have to say a one-dye colour-scheme isnt very exciting :S
You should try to add some highlights and 2nd, 3rd dyes. E.g. you could try to add some purple or blue to match the fractal bow.
2017-07-01 12:00

This is one of my favorite hairstyles. I know she's human, but I always think of this as norn hair, since originally humans couldn't get it. That, plus her freckles make me think of her as being a young norn on her first solo hunt.
2017-07-10 18:28

baba yaga
Nice character, but 0 effort at presentation. Too bad
2019-03-03 19:37