Champion of the White Stag

By NanaItalia on June 22nd, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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47 3
1 0
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It was the day of my first real hunt. My brother and I ventured to the Arundon Vale far north of Hoelbrak. We engaged some grawl, but they were no problem for us. We were looking for a challenge, so we marched farther north. Some time later we found ourselves in a canyon of ice. It was quiet and we wandered through the labyrinth of endless icy corridors. We arrived at a large crossing when we heard heavy footsteps coming from the path before us. A giant corrupted Minotaur entered the crossing and instantly charged at us. It crashed into the wall behind us and caused the collapse of the corridor behind us. With no way back, we were forced to fight the mighty beast. It was a long and tiresome battle. We were exhausted and our moves became slower until my brother could not dodge the icebrood's attack and was smashed against a wall, his body lying lifeless on the ground. Fury and sorrow over my brother's death overcame me and with the last ounce of strength I charged at the beast, only to get slashed by its claws and collapse on the ground. My vision was blurry. I saw the beast coming for me, when suddenly it was tackled from the side by a big white stag. While the two were fighting each other, I dragged myself to my brothers body. I had lost a lot of blood and knew, that my wound was deadly. I took my brothers hand and soon after lost consciousness.
When I awoke, I felt strange, like I was not myself or at least not only myself. When I saw my dead brother next to me, I realized, that my own wound was gone. I got up and found both, the white stag and the icebrood beast lying dead in the snow. You saved me, I thought kneeling next to the dead stag, I know you saved me, I can feel it. I took the stag's antlers, I knew he would have wanted it, because I felt, he was now a part of me. He had brought me back to life, by sacrificing his own and we would now live as one.

Hey guys :)
This is the new look of my guardian. The central piece is the stag helmet, which I always wanted to use. I aimed to create a heavy armored look with a mystical feeling while also keeping some norn elements.
When the heart of the mist got it's new look, I knew it was the perfect location for the look and therefore spent the rest of the patch day with getting my WvW ticket cap full to get the triumphant hero's pants, so I could start taking screens^^'

Shoulder: Houndskin Mantle
Dyes: Icing, Celestial, Glint's Sanctuary

Well, hope you like her :)


Elessar Taralom
DAMN that title screen!
And omg, the whole look is just SO amazing from the way her face is framed with the helmet and tattoo to the many different styles of armour that come together perfectly
The dyes are very monochromatic, yet perfectly chosen and your presentation is on spot
I always love seeing a post from you, because they are always perfection!
Gold all the way!
2017-06-22 16:35

Wonderful ice look... amazing.
2017-06-22 17:08

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
What the actual fucks :O
Such a good idea to take the etched weapons to match those horns from norn tier 3 helm!
those screenshots are just next level....
the dyes are outstanding they fit perfectly...and that unique can u get? And here i was thinking u were pro at sylvari haha but u are proving me wrong every time over and over. such amazing look! gold
2017-06-22 17:18

Fashion Guru
To me the helmet frames her eyes and those tattoos are so so striking. Love the way the leggings go so perfectly with the boots as well :) Screens are stunning and I really get that clear mountain air vibe from them. Gold
2017-06-22 17:40

Well, of course this look is not an exception, another gold! XD
First of all, the presentation is perfect.
The story is pretty good, I found it interesting.
The armor combination is really well done because nothing looks strange or exagerated when every armor piece are together, they all seem realistic.
I love the idea you had of using those weapons with the Stag helm as Kenny says. Also I like the mix with the helm and the shoulders, as it "hides" the baldness that the helmet causes, plus it looks pretty amazing, even more dyed on white colors, because most of the looks with those shoulders that I have seen were black or brown.
The screenshots are very well done aswell.
By the way, at the start, when I saw the main image, before reading who made this look I would have swear that it was Acethyle! XD

Well, I say it again: GOLD!
2017-06-22 19:30

Fashion Guru
Your screens are so amazing :) Armor mix looks great and I really like the tattoo + white eyes, which add a bit supernatural effect. Gold from me too.
2017-06-22 20:52

Fashion Guru
Wow. The look is really cool but the thing that got my attention was the story. It was fantastic
2017-06-22 23:05

Fashion Guru
Dear god! The quality of those screens!!! Damn! Beautiful look, and well I am a sucker for female Norns overall, i have been noticing, but still, this is anothrr level of greatness! The white theme looks gorgeous and the blue that goes with it is wonderful! Love this look ty for sharing. Gold!
2017-06-23 4:04

what the actual... oO Oo
omg I love this so much, no kidding.
the screens are just freaking killer awesome omg.
and the look itself is soo nice, love everything about it.
max sliders incoming.
2017-06-23 8:38

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl you slayed with those screens o.O
I actually thought that the new pvp lobby would be the holy grail for all nornish looks and you really made the best out of that location!
Aditionally to your screens i just love the stag helmet! its one of my fav skins for heavy armor!!! And you have the same face-tattoo that my guard has, sooo ... thats a hell lotta bonus points xD (not that you would need them xD)
Perfect nornish look with perfect nornish screens, max sliders!!!!
2017-06-23 11:05

The main screen left me staggered. Love the dye and armor combo. It feels like a fitting set, like an outfit. Great job!
2017-06-23 18:48

Thanks Elessar :) I think I was blushing while reading your comment, it made me so so happy, that you like her that much.
2017-06-24 5:59 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thanks frederickx, really glad you like her :)
2017-06-24 6:00 in reply to frederickx

Hehe thanks Kenny :) I feel honored by the praise and for once I think I'm actually perfectly satisfied with my own screens xD
2017-06-24 6:00 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Thank you Mihrean! I'm so happy you like her :)
2017-06-24 6:00 in reply to Mihrean

Thanks Migg! Comparing my look to Acethyle, wow I feel honored, I love his looks :)
2017-06-24 6:00 in reply to Migg

Katushka, thank you :) I was a bit unsure about the tattoo at first, but I'm glad everybody seems to like it :)
2017-06-24 6:01 in reply to Katushka

Thanks wipalmi! A guild mate of mine helped me with the story and we're happy you liked it :)
2017-06-24 6:01 in reply to wipalmi032

Thank you vgomes! This is actually the first time, I have nothing to complain about my own screens xD
2017-06-24 6:01 in reply to vgomes93

Thanks Chro! Hearing so much praise from someone, who makes as awesome looks as you, aw I'm so happy :)
2017-06-24 6:01 in reply to Chro

I didn't mean to slay anybody xD Thank you so much for your comment, Hylek. I'm really proud of that look myself, so it makes me soooo happy, that you like it :)
2017-06-24 6:01 in reply to Hylek

Thank you Eremite! The main screen was a real coincidence. I was just taking some screens for testing out the new location, so I was really staggered myself, when I found it in my screenshot folder :)
2017-06-24 6:02 in reply to Eremite

wow. just wow. This look is amazing! Those eyes in combination with the tattoos! OMG! Totally wicked! Gold gold gold gold!
2017-06-24 6:35

i love her head tattoo, really nice ice themed look, gold.
2017-06-24 11:29

Fashion Collector
this is amazingg. i love the main screen! (and all of your screens really lol). this is why norn make the best guardians ;D the colors, the combos, the tattoo, everything fits so well. gold!
2017-06-24 17:02

This is great! Kenny was right about the Etched Weapons matching the horns, but the Bow of the White Hart would also match, at least thematically, and I bet it would match visually as well.
2017-06-25 10:32

Bianca Zauberkind
the screens are really stunning! ö___ö
and i envy you for the pants, they fit perfectly to the rest of the armor. The look is just amazing
2017-06-25 12:27

Fashion Guru
beautiful, gold:)
2017-08-01 13:01

great work
2017-08-03 19:02

Amazing work! I will deffo take inspiration from this amazing outfit for my upcoming cosplay!!
2017-12-18 18:37

Glad you like it^^ Sounds like your cosplay will be pretty awesome xD
2017-12-20 6:22 in reply to StickyDwarf

Fashion Collector
Ugh love your guardian, definitely one of my favourites!
2017-12-31 7:26

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