By xeno320 on June 14th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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Good day! This is my second look ever. This time I tried to make a look with a little more colour. I struggled with the screens though. Any advice is welcome.


Fashion Guru
Good day to you too :)
I think the colors and armor mix look good, at least in character select. You were attempting for the seraph look, right?
The GS doesn't fit at all imo. I mean the colors yes, but the shape, material etc. is completely different. I'm not sure what could be better alternative, mb Kymswarden or Mistwild.
Same goes for backpiece.

And about screens - good thing is that you uploaded quite a lot of them, that is great start. Also you took them in different places and even tried to capture some action :)
I like the one with two seraph soldiers the most. It fits the theme and has nice light.
On the other hand the sylvari and shiverpeak locations look wierd to me, like your character doesn't belong there. I'd probably take more pictures in Divinity reach, Queensdale.. etc., just human locations, because that would seem more natural to the theme you chose.

And you can play more with the camera positioning and zooming. There's only half of the character visible on several of the pictures - that should be "vertical position near and far", I usualy put it lowest possible when taking screens. Also adjusting the "field of view" could make some improvement. Everything is in "general options".

This is how I see it, you don't have to listen to me, but I hope I helped a little. GL
2017-06-14 17:08

I think Katushka gave you some nice advice already!
The camera settings are the first thing id recommend everyone to play around with to improve your screens!
My two cents:
3 mistward pieces might be a little bit too much from one set, especially if one of these is a big piece like the legs.
Your colour-concept is definitely better than your old "full sshadow abyss" one xD
I like the silhouette of the armor-comb, but overall the look feels a bit bland. It always helps if you have a theme you can stick to. Maybe "Seraph" as Katushka mentioned.
At least you can try to find a nice weapon that fits your armor-style and then adjust your colour-scheme.
The backpiece is absolutely out of place btw xD
If you like to use it in game ok, but turn it off for the presentation here :P

Due to the nice presentation and the overall good appearence its a Silver from me :)
2017-06-15 10:43

Thank you for commenting Hylek and Katushka! I appreciate it! First of all I have to admit that there wasn't really A theme :p . I just thought my previous look was too dark so I wanted to play more with colours. The standard colours of the bladed chesplate inspired me so I chose orange. I agree that the greatsword and the backpiece are out of place , I guess I focussed to much on orange. I took a screen with the seraph because they are orange/grey as well. Same goes for my screens, I chose these areas because they are bright and in the groove their are some orange "flowers". Persnonally , I still like my previous look more. I will try to change some of my armor parts and will play around with some weapons. Perhaps I should make him commander of the seraph idk , I'll think about it ;) Hylek , I like how you referred to my other look ;) Katushka , would you mind having a look at my other "creation"? I'm sorry if I made some grammatical errors , still working on my English ;)
2017-06-15 11:47

I'm not really sure what theme you're going for here, but it still looks good. Backpiece is definitely a bit jarring, but it's still cute. If you want orange flowers, check out the Ascalon Settlement in Gendarran Fields! There's so many flowers there, and fields of different colors. That area of the map in general would fit well.
Adding a more gold tone (a cheap one I use is Banana) to his armor as well as orange would be a good way to break up the massive amount of orange. As for screens, always think about how you're going to crop it! Even if your character is far away, if your graphics settings are good enough you can crop it to "zoom" and essentially re position your character from the center of focus without really losing quality.
2017-06-15 18:32

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