By Zero on May 17th, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: White
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"Time is a mysterious thing. Weird. No beginning, nor end. A dimension in itself.
The young asuran mesmer grew more and more obsessed by the intricaties of this 4th dimension, pushing the limits of his mind magic to the limits of natural perception.
Eventually, he changed. He became an elusive Chronomancer.
Tinkering with time magic has its consequences. His eyes lit up, taking on an unatural purple hue. His personal time slowed...making him appear constantly sleepy to others. His aging slowed as well.
Good. There are always more mysteries to uncover. And so little time."


My second look on here!
My asuran chronomancer, in his regalia outfit. I wanted to have a matching look with his timekeeper swords, while keeping a very intricate and ornate outfit. Just like a clock.

Weapons are Timekeeper swords


Im Jelqing
wtf is this garbage?
2017-06-25 1:45

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