The Rider

By Zero on April 15th, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
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My Asuran elementalist's look. I wanted to give him a pilot/adventurer look, while keeping in touch with the magic style of the class.
Fur lined clothes, goggles, windroses, and a magical wand to duel!

Weapons are the Privateer Scepter and the "Tempest"


I like this down to earth simple look. Definitely has its charms and fits your adventurer theme. Gives me the feeling of a young asura heading out to explore the vast world. Especially captivating was the 2nd picture in the bottom row. It has a quiet sense of peace to it. Good post!
2017-04-17 10:24

Fashion Guru
I think this look is pretty unique- especially for an ele. I really like the skin choices, particularly the inquest breeches for the aviator theme. The screen of your character sitting is lovely, as eremite said. One of the scribing back pieces could look really good with this look.
2017-04-23 9:26