Einar the viking

By Rrax on May 6th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
Vote Breakdown
9 5
2 0
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Hey kids! Don't play with axe!
Hair: Orange Red
Skin: Light 9


He looks awesome!
I would really like to see some more screens with him^^
2017-05-06 19:02

Looks great but yea needs more screens!
2017-05-06 21:19

Fashion Collector
One more great looking vikin!
2017-05-07 2:27

Fashion Guru
Your character creation is spot on. Great armor and weapon choices as well. Gold.
2017-05-07 3:48

Great viking look!
I love the tattoos! They look so cool peeking under the armor :D
Your screens are nice, I especially like the ones from the HoM and the ones where hes standing on the edge of that cliff.
The fighting screens are cool too, but a bit too far zoomed out.
Maybe you could add a screenshot from char-select or hero-panel to showcase your outfit in neutral light.
Overall great look though! :D
2017-05-07 9:34

Thx :D Char-select added! I'll try to make better shoots in fighting sceens :D
2017-05-07 10:11 in reply to Hylek

the tatoos are the is the cherry on this outfit
2017-05-07 19:52

Elessar Taralom
Love the look!
The contrast between the dark armour and the ginger hair just looks so good!
Generally I am not a fan of male Norn, but looks like these once in a while make me believe that they can be really cool!
Great choice on weapons as well, just such a great viking look ^^
2017-05-08 13:33

Fashion Guru
I't may be not be very original armor set, but i have to say one thing, i love how u used the ginger/red color for viking hair, like they used to have back in the days. The dye combination is good, but try to use more dyes, with darker and lighter colors, like with the dragonhunter gauntlet, it would be coler to put some different color on the dragon head on this gaunlet, like some "bone" colors or maybe other color that would fit the skin that the dragon had, maybe red? And about the armor, i think it would be better to use leather-looking boots, with some brown colors on it, it could add more variety to this look.
Anyway, I really liked it, gold from me!
2017-05-08 14:10