Crimson Warrior

By Eucliffe on April 27th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
3 4
2 0
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When she was 5 years old, she lived a peaceful life until one day a group of people came to her house and busted her window which scared her so she ran to hide but one of the people caught her...then, her family saw what was happening and one of the people who had broken into the house was about to slit her neck and kill her but then her father sacrificed his life so they would let her go, they let go of the girl but then they killed her mother and her older sister right in front of her...she ran away and lived on the streets by herself for weeks but then the queen found her and raise her to be a warrior that controls fire.


I actually really like this look!
The chest-leg combo might be a bit meta-looking ... but you used it in a nice theme and it doesnt really look like the meta-trash here :D
I think you need a little bit more work on taking screens. Most of them ar zoomed out a bit far, or only show the top-half of your character. I do like the one where shes shooting at the flame-effigy though, looks very epic!
Overall i like the look and i can see you put effort into presenting it here, so overall id like to give you a Gold :)
2017-04-28 10:02

Fashion Guru
I love this look; when she is wearing her helmet. The pink hair imo clashes with the red/orange. Otherwise I think this look is really interesting and I like your screenshots.
2017-04-28 15:47

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