Devil on Tyria

By Hoba on April 1st, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Hello! Just wanna say thanks for taking the time to look at this style. I wanted to post this style ASAP to this website cause I thought I had done something very nice, and I'm very pleased with how it came out! HOWEVER... I know my weak side is to take screenshots sadly so it lacks very much of that. If you girls and guys have any ideas how to improve taking screenshots I gladly want to hear it!

So what came in mind doing this "look" was by thinking if there was a devil in Guild Wars 2. And this devil did deside to enter the Tyria world by taking over a human body. How would this human look like after getting the soul of the devil inside of him? Well, he would look something like this!


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Hey. Nice look!
About the screenshots, I usually play with the camera zoom and position, choose few interesting places and then spam printscreen a lot while running around, using wepon or utility skills or just catching idle animations. I usually end up with hundreds of pictures and then sort it out. If you have good PC, you can try some external plugins for better graphics. Also you can use photoshop.
2017-04-01 5:50

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That ain't bad idea with running around and spam that screenshot button, I will try it out later I think, cheers!
2017-04-01 7:04 in reply to Katushka

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I really like how well the character creation blends with the armor coloration.
For your screens, utilize your camera options such as Field of View, Vertical Position Near, etc. Always look for your lighting source ie the sun/moon and face that direction to best highlight your character. Look for areas that incorporate your armor coloration or enhance your theme. :)
2017-04-03 23:16

Oooh love it!
2017-04-06 11:37

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Thanks! o/
2017-04-08 14:30