Oh i wish i was a punk rocker

By Zoniel on February 23rd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Ever since Zenimara was a little girl she dreamed about traveling Tyria performing for all races, music was always a big part of her life when she was a kid she saw a group of people in Divinity's Reach playing instruments and one of those people played a bass guitarr and she knew that was the instrument she was going to master. So she worked really hard as a waitress in Serrated Blade Tavern until she saved up enough money to buy her very own bass guitarr. One day her mom was heading for Lion's Arch to get merchandise so she gave her mom the money she saved up so she could purchase a bass guitarr for her on her way to lion's Arch, Zenimara eagerly waited for her mom to return home, hours turned to days and after 3 days she heard a knock on her door she smiled and ran to the door to greet her mother but outside the door was a member of the Adamant guard holding a bass guitarr in his hand, he told her that he had been patrolling and he came across a broken carriage under the carriage was a women bloody and bruised he wanted to help the woman but she was to badly hurt to move,the woman gasp for air and with her dying breath she begs the guard to bring the bass guitarr to her daughter, Zenimara burst into tears and ask the guard who would do something like this? The guard replies and tells her about the group of charr bandits terrorizing the area robbing merchants and travelers, Zenimara ask the guard why they didnt steal the bass guitarr too and he replies that her mom refused to give it up and it cost her, her life. So now Zenimara travels tyria performing songs in memory of her mom.

Hi people, i tried to create a punk / rock appearance and im pretty satisfied with it, the dyes arent the most interesting but i like them :), i couldn't decide what boots to use because im waiting for aetherblade to return to the gem store because i think the aetherblade shoes would fit this look perfectly, if there is anything i could improve on plz let me know :)


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