By Asti77 on February 15th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Simple dress.


you did a fantastic job with simple pieces and the main screen is stunning!
2017-02-15 8:14

Nice look! Maybe pull the camera closer or reduce the fog so the character is easier to see in the screens, otherwise it's a great outfit.
2017-02-15 11:10

Elessar Taralom
The look itself is great!
She feels natural and really NPC-like
The armour pieces mix extremely well, those shoulders are one of my favourite light armour skin
Dyes compliment the whole idea extremely well
I think you could improve on the presentation a little; play more with the camera settings (vertical/horizontal position and field of view) and definitely a little more description!
Other than that a really great upload, well done ^^
2017-02-15 17:49

Wow! It's so nice to see a very minimal style come together so well. Would an herbalist carry a small weapon such as a dagger or a focus? Or even a staff/walking stick? Would she perhaps wear a sunhat and working gloves?
2017-02-15 23:48

Fashion Collector
I actually love the very simple style of her armor I can already see her story about the outfit which is here below

With zhaitan defeated and peace on tyria restored commander ______ decided to settle down in her hometown outside of divinitys reach. As reward for defeating an elder dragon the queen granted her one wish, instead of riches and wealth all she asked was for a small plot of land and a small investment for a small herbalist shop on the fringes of shaemoor. The queen graciously accepted her humble request. After months of constructing her new life she began to accusom from the life of a commander to a humble herbalist whose job is to help those in need, though saving lives is her profession after all.
2017-02-17 0:04

She looks awesome, why did you list this as "help wanted"? :D
I think the outfit looks perfectly fine!
She really looks like a herbalist out of a fantasy story. The armor choice as well as the simple dyes are very accurate for that theme.
And she looks so cute with her red hair and freckles.
Can't give anything other than a gold!
2017-02-26 16:00

I like the RP, it's a great style, Gold for me !
2018-10-05 12:36