Battle maid Jinx

By Snapshark on February 1st, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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5 6
2 1
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Growing up in Rata Sum was never easy for me , ever since i was little i was different from other asuran's . I had no interest in any subject of study in fact i would always skip class and let one of my clones in my place. I could never fit in any group and so, i was marginalized , bullied , called out different names such as " failed experiment" , "a disappointment" . It didn't bother me at first but after a while it gradually started affecting me... It got me thinking as i stood at the edge of the city... What is my purpose in life ? Is there any meaning of me being alive?
Just as i leaped off to end my pain i felt how someone grabbed me, it was a beautiful Human female . Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulders, her skin color was surprisingly similar to mine just a bit lighter tone , she wore a long light blue dress that you could tell she was part of a noble family.
As she put me down she asked me in a kind soft voice "Why are you jumping off the city little one ?". As she asked that question I broke down in tears trying to answer her but couldn't muster a single word. She then kneeled down and grabbed me in her arms and said "it's all right, you can tell me all about it later" .
No one ever cared about me... but she... a stranger is willing to listen to my problems ?

Two years have past and here I am, in Divinity's Reach, the Human Capital , maid and personal guard of Lady Vianna Alvarez . Thanks to my master's influence i was taught by the finest Mesmers of the city and learned how to use my powers in combat .
My life has a meaning now ! I am no longer that "failed experiment" !


I love your story. Very well written! The hairstyle and glasses are also very fitting for a maid look. Golf!
2017-02-02 4:06

Golf I mean lol
2017-02-02 4:06

Um Gold...
2017-02-02 4:07

an adorable baby! usually i have a strong distaste for maid looks, but your asura is lovely and the theme is so suiting!!

to copy Eremite:
2017-02-04 13:09

thank you :)
2017-02-05 6:39 in reply to katunix