Tiger Researcher Zoey

By Snapshark on October 29th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Orange
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24 5
2 0
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Here's my second upload . My idea mostly started when a friend of mine showed me the tiger den, so i thought "What if my asura would be a zoologist who studied tiger behavior" .So i made her to look like a tiger so she can earn their trust easier (yeah ik my mind is weird, probably would never work irl ). I tried different types of armors but there aren't that many that let you have stripes so i went with inquest chest since it let me have black stripes on the sides and i think it looks ok for my theme but i am open for suggestions if anyone knows a better armor that can fit my idea .


Fashion Guru
I wrote a page long comment and when posting it it only showed the first line, great.

I basically told you how much I admire that look as a supporter of threatened species!
2016-10-29 21:17

Fashion Guru
^thats the second time it does that. I give up, this site just deleted all my comments.
2016-10-29 21:17

this is so perfect and cute! gold!
2016-10-29 21:54

Omg a look where the multi-colored stripes of the wintersday scarf aren't overly gaudy! Nice usage of that. Even the face marks on the character match the tiger theme. Gold :D
2016-10-30 0:52

Faye Grimm
Hi there!

I am a big fan of tigers myself. :) I love the concept and am planing to do a tiger based look myself. :) Your asure is cute and the screens are nice too. :) Well done! You get a Gold from me.
Although I have some considerations. First is, the tone of orange you picked. In the ingame shots it looks perfectly matching, though in the homescreen it looks to yellow, even the hair. It might be just a lightning thing. You would have to consider it and watch it in different light situations. Maybe ingame that doesn't even happen.
Second is, the Rox weapon and quiver are a good choice theme wise, since she is THE ranger ingame, but style wise they look a bit off. Especially the bow adds the devourer theme all of a sudden. On the screenshots I also don't see the quiver, just the tiny tiger from the leggy collction, which I would have suggested. ;) Maybe you could find a better fitting bow stylewise.

But even though I think a gold is fitting for this piece of work.
2016-10-30 12:19

Very clever! Great look with the colors!
2016-10-30 12:20

Fashion Guru
You can spot the quiver when you look closely on some screens, especially on the 5th last screen.
2016-10-30 15:49 in reply to Faye Grimm

Wow great gold of course. Great idea the stripes.
2016-11-01 13:23

Fashion Guru
Super cute, and great use of the ears. Gold.
2016-11-02 11:48

it's so cute !!!!!!!! that all i can say
2016-11-02 23:33

Fashion Guru
Very cute look! Gold!
2016-11-03 8:27

Oh my gosh, please make Chuka and Champawat and come back with Zoe when you're done.
2016-11-10 0:45

i would if i could but i'm the type of player that doesn't farm much apart from T4 fractals so my gold is usualy around 200 gold so crafting a legendary and even more crafting the ones from HoT is impossible for me :) but yeah i agree it would look nice on her
2016-11-13 10:11 in reply to KestrelGirl

So the hair color is what tangerine?
2017-03-01 20:08

I don't like asura at all , but this one is pretty cool . Gold
2017-03-26 5:07

omg she is so cute :3
2018-07-06 14:55

baba yaga
some good screens... and very cute asura
2019-02-21 20:33