Pengu Knightwalker - Dragonhunter

By iPenguin on October 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Yellow
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2 8
1 0
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Just in time for Halloween, I decided to redo my Guardian (aka lootstick). Really happy with how this turned out. Decided to focus on neutrals paired with a bright, but not too harsh, yellow. Goes really well with the staff I made specifically for her, Azimuth. And of course looks really well with Eternity. Lemme know what you think!


I really like the main image, with the green contrast!In my opinion the yellow, especially on your shoulders is a little too "orange". I would try to match it with your Light of Dwayna.
And with the chaos-gloves: The shiny sparkle from Eternity and Light of Dwayna is really bright, maybe use Sand or another color to get the same effect on them.
I really like the effect on Charred on various pieces and chest and shoulder do match really good. Unluckily the glasses are barely able to be seen, try using a darker color, that fits with the blond hair (maybe a blue, to match with Dwayna and your Aegis?). I am no fan of the boots in this look. You barely show skin and your toes seem a little exposed to me.
For me it is a good look, silver from me.
2016-10-18 3:17

Fashion Guru
The armor mis definitely looks nice, a bright and colorful armor which fits with your backpiece and weapons.
I agree with Fenral on the boots, however I really like the dyejob on this.
But, 7 screenshots of LA and a login screen isn't something I can vote up honestly. With your bright coor scheme maybe Divinity's Reach or some brighter human settlements would be nice, while your color scheme almost leads to Charr areas...
The rim on the glasses could be a little bit darker, I agree on that.
Your description is short but shows a quick thought process and that's fair enough.

I just wish for more creative screenshots and some better description (that's highly personal, I'm just a fan of reading things) ...
2016-10-18 6:22

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