Judge Grace - Intervention

By Eremite on October 16th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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The man hung from the shackles on the wall, his head drooping, face covered by his long unkempt hair...

Around him, cries of anguish rang out intermittently as the prisoners were tortured at the cruel whims of their jailers. Suddenly, heavy metallic thuds sounded down the hallway, the sound of armored boots. It came closer and closer before drawing to a stop before his door. A key turned in the key hole and a bolt was drawn with a grating rasp as the door was flung open with a loud bang. The man lifted his weary head and gazed at the gleaming armored knights as they marched with precision into the room, splitting into two rows, red capes flowing behind their backs.

As the knights stood stiffly in two rows, another figure appeared at the door. She was dressed similarly to the knights, but with an ethereal armor that seemed to contain the universe, a dark bluish aura emitting softly from it. And that helmet...there was no mistaking it...a Judge! The highest commander of the royal army in the land of Galbadia and the only female Judge in the entire continent...Judge Grace. Bestowed the title of Judge by his Majesty for her unwavering loyalty and steely courage, Grace had risen swiftly into power.

The man gazed with joy at the sight of the Judge. Days earlier, he had been informed by his jailer that the High Courts had pardoned him and that he would be released very soon. Judge Grace must be here to proclaim his freedom!

"Prisoner," she intoned, the Judge's helmet landing her voice an authoritative tone, "you have been declared a free man by the High Courts." The man's eyes lit up as relief welled from within and overflowed in a display of emotion as he cried and thanked the Judge profusely.

And then, he felt his breadth choke as through his teary eyes, the corner of the Judge's lips raised in a cruel smirk. "However," she continued, enjoying every moment of it as the man's relief turned to fear, "I intervened...". Judge Grace turned and walked off, leaving behind words that echoed in the man's mind for as long as he lived, "execute him at noon...and every single one in his family...".

Every single one.


Hello all! My version of the Final Fantasy Archadian Judges! Yes it is all abyss dye *ROAR!*

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I have a dratted weakspot for that helmet and I don't understand why!!! Regardless, I absolutely adore the top,
but I'm a little confused on the boots, they seem a little light-weight for her ^0^
ABYSS DYE!!! Hell yea, cant have enough of it!
2016-10-26 17:56

Thanks! I followed you recently when i saw your latest upload. your dye choices for all your uploads have been amazing and i was hoping to learn a thing or two from you!

I love abyss and red dyes but i am hoping to be able to mix more dyes well like you and still retain my dark themed looks!
2016-10-27 21:33 in reply to Lorelilly

Fashion Guru
Heh, all abyss. You really love that don't you... :'D
I already had a rating on this look when you uploaded it, so I'm curious why I didn't comment after all.

Haven't played FF so I can't judge on that, but I do like the look!

Armor combination looks really badass except from one little detail thats kinda "meh". The boots. They are chainmail boots and don't fit at all to the aetherblade pants. Once noticed this never leaves my head, and that's not good...
The boots have a completely different reflection than the pants and it just looks so weird when looking closely on some screens.

Other than that, you know me, I won't rate dyes up. But armor combination is amazing, the screenshots you provide are on spot and really good quality!

Can't tell if you wrote this story yourself or if it's a copy, since it's so well done! (I really hope you wrote it)

2016-11-01 22:03

hey thanks! i must have missed seeing your comments.
and yes all my stories are written by myself but I read a lot and draw a lot of ideas and inspirations from other stories so um...they are not really totally my ideas in that sense
2016-11-18 20:05 in reply to Blackkarmy