Asuran's Worst Progeny

By hellsqueen on October 12th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
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The name's Reggie and let's just say I was not my race's favourite progeny, in fact I was not a favourite in a lot of aspects. My name took its origin from Reginald, thanks for that one mum. She wanted a boy because she took a study on the behaviour of progenies by gender too seriously which the conclusion was "female progeny are for more likely to act out in self-righteous and rebellious behaviour, making them harder to raise and less likely to be successful". That study led me to being born a disappointment in her eyes, but at least you have two parents, right? Not so much, my father was the more successful of my parents which meant two things; he was hardly home and was "proof that the study is true and I was going to be burden". I guess on the bright side, at least when he was home he loved me and I wasn't a total disappointment. I ended up living with my dad's parents because even my mother's parents were reluctant toward my existence. With all that negativity, in the years before my schooling I invented a small golem to carry around on my back to talk to me. The backpack was a bit rude but made me smile everyday, it was something I had made and reminded me to stay strong even when something... or someone was putting you down.

I was sent to school just like any other progeny to learn the basics of Asuran life and intelligence which would prepare us for the colleges that were either recommended to or chosen completely by us. In that preparation time, I became very accustomed to a lot of offices for my behaviour because when you are told you are terrible long enough by the people you care about you start to do so. The level at which I became accustomed to offices surprised everyone I knew, I was a progeny who got sent to the Arcane Council for ignoring my teachers so heavily during a chemistry class and I endangered every living things life. To elaborate, we Asuran are very small and progeny are particularly so and in this chemistry lesson instead of following instructions and learning what the rest of our older peers already knew, I may have convinced a skritt to give me their "shiny" Orrian pearl, mixed it with some potions and accidentally created a portal under water in the middle of somewhere in Orr, which led to some heavy flooding and "teaching" my class mates the importance of learning how to swim, not to mention a couple of Zhaitain's corrupted minions slipped through my portal. Luckily the portal wasn't permanent, likely due to it having no energy source to keep it open and it closed up soon enough and my teacher pressed an emergency button that got a force onto saving drowning children and cleaning up MOST of my mess, which meant killing of the few of Zhaitan's minions that slipped through and de-flooding the place. After my meeting with the Arcane Council who demanded I tell them what I did to create a portal like that with my response being:

"I am ever so sorry Councillor, however I had not been clever enough to take any notes of my silly fun and thus it will not be possible for me to give you the process to it's recreation." Which, just to be clear, that is a big fat lie but considering I was living in a place that had little consequence aside from being punished with clean up duty, giving them MY work was not an option. I also made it my mission to make them feel bad by saying if a child who was just messing around can do that then why couldn't they, which led to me getting in a bit more trouble after I was finished chuckling on the floor of Council Office. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I was stuck cleaning up seaweed, shells and other underwater gunk for a week which I ended up shoving inside of an Inquest Golem and making it spazz out and attack it's master in front of the kids listening to him blab about joining the Inquest, I think it was the first time my teacher had my back since being her student when the Inquest guy demanded I be punished and she exclaimed that I had not done a single thing. After the Orrian portal, I decided to lay low for a bit because not only was my mother mad with me, I had every parent whose progeny I could have killed mad at me too. I semi-listened to most of what was said but often went off on my own inventive tangents where the beginning of my infinity ball inventions began. Most of the creations I made for school projects in between got me laughed at, as most of them didn't seem to do much but my theoretical work behind it was "impressively written, your understanding of the alchemagical world is very unique which is exactly what the Synergetics branch requires". I knew my educator was hinting that I follow the path for the College of Synergetics choice. I knew my mum was holding out for a Statics or Dyanmics choice, because she often made it very clear that Synergetics was for air heads. In the end, even though I worked at following in her footsteps to maybe make her happy with me for once her in her life, instead of joining Dynamics or even being like my father with Statics, I had gone with the elusive Synergetics.

My grandmother was very clear that she was so proud of me, revealing to me that she was also a student of the Synergetics. I realized the reason why we got along so well is because our personalities were similar, she never got angry when I did something creative or imaginative, because she remembered being just like me. I ended up having a complex relationship with my fellow Synergetics students and professors, my unique ways bothering some and impressing others. However, by the end of my time in the College of Synergetics I had graduated with honors due to the state of a majority of my experiments being able to prove many theories, which came as a surprise to myself because my success came with a lot of incidents due to my little funding to create safe experiments, especially with one incident in particular that caused one classmate to spend two months with a bulging red eye and rapid regrowth of hair, I practically turned him into a swamp monster. After graduation I decided to leave off on my own path before joining up with a Krewe, I remember telling Gran that I would try and get help from the Durmand Priory but that I had no idea where to start. I remember her grabbing a map and a warm scarf in her favourite colour because it reminded her of the light from the first golem she created, just like me except most of my clothing choice ended up reflecting that of a golem. She stared at my first golem backpack in the corner of my room, I had stopped wearing it all through college, she picked it up and handed it to me.

"Gran, I haven't worn that in so long." I said in an almost nostalgic tone.

"I think you should take it with you, it was your first invention. I think it will be a good reminder to never give up and never forget about your home" Gran said, I knew this was part of her way of saying that she was going to miss me.

Once I arrived outside of the Durmand Priory, I stood begging and pleading for days outside of hoping they would let me in and give me a chance. One day the Magister of the Priory was leaving and noticed me asking to plea my case to anyone who would be allowed to let me in and learn. The Magister came over and said he would give me five minutes to convince him that I was worthy to learn from them, I grabbed my special transport golem who carried all my stuff that walked along side me, it was modeled like the Asuran Hazmat suits. I pulled out experiment after experiment with the notes filled with the theory and activated the experiments where many went out of control before it could finish and truly gather the results. The magister read over the notes and was impressed with the theory and told me the practical work needed work.

"I know it needs work, but no one gives me the chance or helps me fix it. People think I am dangerous, but you guys are the Durmand Priory and you probably know stuff the Arcane Council don't. Please, help me fix this stuff and teach me so I don't constantly end up a failure." I didn't know if this would even work, but I was just hoping for a miracle.

"Fine, let her in. I'll give you half a year here, you will need to pass the full year test we give in half the time, fix all of your experiments and join one extra curricular topic and pass that test as well. Can you do it?" The magister said, giving me a challenge of a lifetime and apparently I was up for the challenge.

Working in cooperation with the Priory, I managed to stabilize experiments. I attended every class and learned so much about all different aspects of magical science, I even stepped out of my comfort zone doing a class on Elder Dragons as an extra curricular study. Even at the Durmand Priory I was still a bit of an annoyance, like how I always read books in the library by sitting on top of the shelves and that I decided to sneak a cat in and sit it up there with me or the time I almost gave someone Dragonite poisoning because I accidentally blew up a beaker filled with ore I turned to dust, however they were patient and never gave up on helping me develop my skills. During this time I got regular messages from my father and grandparents checking up on me, proud of how much I was doing to improve myself. I ended up surpassing every expectation the Magister had for me and allowed me to be an honorary member of the Durmand Priory which allowed me to visit and study whenever I wished, which I had no problem with because not only was their library amazing, so were the friends I had made and the working relationship that I had built with Ogden Stonehealer was unforgettable and he was a true inspiration to me.

I returned back home, joined a Krewe and we ended up getting the Snaff Prize. This allowed me to create a new connection with a super important member of Asuran Society, Zojja. Even her rebellious nature was ignored on countless occasions due to her incredible intellect. I ended up becoming a good friend to her, she even allowed me in her lab! DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW BIG OF A DEAL THAT IS!?! She ended up pushing me on my path to helping defeat elder dragons. Which, I suppose that put a lot of my inventive side on hold and ended up making most of my education a waste because I became Commander of the Pact, a way more militant career path than what I was expecting. Surprisingly, I am actually incredibly well known now and I actually get complimented on my past accomplishments because of my new authoritative position. Although, my mum and her parents still aren't very appreciative of me, I guess it never mattered what I accomplished and you know what? I couldn't be happier about it, they helped me get to where I am today, simply by making me exactly what they despised. I became a hero to not only myself, but to others.
So, they recently released a new ginger hair colour which I adore and believe would suit her more, but unfortunately I am way too poor to get anything to change this hair to said colour. However I love this outfit and I wanted to put it out there. Mostly, this outfit is just inspired by Golems. The grey being the base colours for the golems and the very lined look meant to reflect the glowing and golden edges, particularly more closely related to the golem backback, which is mentioned as her first invention.
I had a lot of trouble with the shoulder choice and I decided to an extent, no shoulders at all. I like the scarf as it's own thing and decided to include it anyway as part of this outfit as a family related outfit item.

Screens felt really hard to do this time around, I've started to get into the habit of relating the location of my screens to the ideas of the background stories of my characters but I really wanted to show of some of the elementalist abilities (sure, we all know what they are and such but I feel like you need to show them off), however showing them in Rata Sum where the most of the story takes place seemed out of place, hence the elemental pictures that are grouped together.

Weapons are still being worked on, but I am hoping in future to go with something more neutral, similar to the dagger that I do use in this set. The rest is more "I have nothing in mind but I still want to post this outfit because that's more important as whole right now".

Anyway, comment away. If you have any suggestions for weapons, that would be awesome! I'm only going to link the dagger I used just to give an idea of what weapons I am interested in. Otherwise, I hope you like my little Golem look.


Yet again, extremely good work :)
2016-10-12 4:05

Aww, thank you :)
2016-10-12 8:48

Fashion Guru
Outstanding presentation. I like how you added the action shots into collages. The charter is super cute and your dyes are well thought out.
As for weapon suggestions, perhaps the Ebon Vanguard set?
2016-10-13 3:26

Don't you hate it when the presentation is really well written, the screens are numerous and well shot, and moreover when you have to admit to yourself that "ok this asura is cute grrr..." AND you end up giving it a gold?
2016-10-13 11:50

I mean, considering I am on the receiving end of it, I am going to say I don't hate it :P However, I know the struggle because I worked really hard to make a cute Asuran and she ended up being so cute I deleted my already level 80 human Elementalist with full crafting because I wanted to keep her.

Thank you both though! I am glad you guys like it :D I'll look into the Ebon weapons, thanks for the suggestion :)
2016-10-13 21:23

Fashion Guru
2016-11-03 9:44