Golden tempest armor

By Vic Noize on September 9th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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2 7
1 0
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Not sure what to say here, just made up an armor for my little ashuran tempest, and thought it looks good enough to be added here. Enjoy :)
The staff I used is called Memory of the Sky.


Tidehunter XXL
I was looking to use this head skin on my asura for loooong time. Great job!
2016-09-09 9:13

This looks definitely pretty cool :)
I love how the chape of the helm and the staff work together.
You should just work a bit on you presentation, since the voting sliders include description and screenshots. So, some more screens would be cool and you can hide the interface with Ctrl + Shift + H, just in case you didn't know^^
Overall a really nice first look.
2016-09-09 9:55

Vic Noize
Thanks for the advice! I added some new screens :) I'll remember to hide the interface next time I'll try to upload something :D
2016-09-09 10:08

Elessar Taralom
I really like your sense for armour, dyes and style!
By mixing in the helmet you managed to make this a quite unique look and your colours are just brilliant!
You used just the right hues to make it look like realy armour and elevate it with the light blue stones in the helmet
Also really like the staff you used
This would clearly be a gold for me if you would improve on the overall upload; since this is your first contribution to the site I totally understand that one has to get accustomed to everything here, but I do really see great potential!
For screens: one or two screens from the character login screen (front and back) are best to show off your character in full and in natural lighting; for the other screens you can get creative! Use different skills, poses, emotes....everything that makes the screens pleasant to look at!
Plus: get accustomed to the camera settings in GW, mainly Field of View and Horizontal/Vertical Position; by tampering with these you can get high quality, scenic shots
Also you can specify your weapons via the accessoire tab under "Specify Armour"
This really is a promising first look and if you improve your overall presentation a little I think you can do great here ^^
2016-09-09 13:43