Krytan Butcher - the bloodthirsty jungle reaper

By Zefirez on July 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Well all know the necro drill - black, hooded, anorexia is your friend. Well that was the case till HoT launched. Upon learning it has both jungle zones (LOVE jungle) and reaper spec my long awaited dream was to finally come true. A tough, buff necromancer that's no longer a cc ragdoll but can get into the thick of it and butcher them all face-to-face! And what fits jungle better then witchdoctor/voodoo priest theme?

Following on the idea I wanted a big, buff badass human design that shows for miles that he's here to kill everything that stands in his way with his own hands, and not hide behind some minions hoping he doesn't get noticed. Also buddy having a charr with human skull(!!!) shoulderpads sealed the deal. These two poor souls needed avenging their deaths at that claws of that infernal catcow!

And so Krytan Bucher was born. The look:

1. head - demon masque - adds baddass to otherwise non-menacing human face. Also follows on the idea of not hiding your face, instead making it clear there's a psycho in the room!

2. pauldrons - deatly avian mantle - none fitted better the witchdoctor theme. While the version with bull skulls would fit "anti-charr" theme better it just didn't look that great when i tried it on.

3. chest - human racial T3. If you ditch the gaudy colors, you got awesome chestpiece here, that leaves your huge packed arms exposed :)

4. gloves - dry bones gloves. The red lines and spiky design sealed the deal for me.

5, pants - inquest breeches. Long story short - i chose the lesser evil. I really feel there is 0 pants for light professions that don't make you look like harry potter, question your own..preferences, or make you feel like alladin....
Inquest breeches came closest to desired look due to leather straps that make them feel like something you're not afraid to stain with blood and guts.

6. shoes - another hard pick - dry bones shoes for now, due to matching design and red lines with gloves. Thinking of changing them to properly dyed ascended ones, but time will tell...


Fashion Guru
I think this is a really nice and creative look
Especially the top half of the armour looks totally badass and the red details you included everywhere make it really cohesive
I wish you would have put the same effort for the description also into the screens (plus you should really specify your dyes)
I hate to give it a silver, because it looks like an overall great design, but I feel that some more love for presentation is needed to fairly give it a gold
2016-07-22 19:02

Haha, thanks bro! Your comment about Buther is spot on. Don't worry, you'll get your chance to gold him yet ;) These here are old screens, with "compromise" looks. There are still few things I need to get him for complete looks. When that happens better screens, better description, and dyes will be added. Reason I did not this time is because at the time of posting I had no access to GW2 (was on a few month break). Now i'm back and working on improving my main necro;)
2016-07-23 16:26 in reply to thunderstruck

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