The Neverending Hunt

By Anuramoon on July 15th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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I am so not that happy with the look-name... but even after several minutes I did not had a better idea... U.U
So I gave my Sylvari Elemtalist a little update. And I must say, I like the knew hair so much better than her old ones.
And I am still sorry for my english xD


When I awoke, I was confused and scared of what my dream meant. Sylvari of all cycles and ages came to me for advice and guidance. I asked mother what it meant and she smiled at me and said: "My child, someday you will understand." Years went by and nothing happened. Here and there I helped a sprout to interpret his dream. I thought this would fulfill my Wyld Hunt, but even after I helped several Sylvari, I felt that it is still there. I even suspected that I would never fulfill it. But when Modremoth attacked the pale tree and now that our mother is unconscious, I knew what my dream meant. Now my people are without guidance and they came to me. Now I help all sylvari, I will do my best as long as it takes for mother to wake up. And when that moment comes, maybe my Wyld Hunt will be fulfilled.


I really like her new style!!!
This armor comb always works (chest+legs) and your dyes are very unique!!!
At first sight i thought the blue is a bit too dominant, but the longer i look at it the more i like it :D
The combination with gold and white looks quite royal, very cool!
To round up the style your presentation is very nice!
Gold from me :)
2016-07-15 11:18

Elessar Taralom
I really like her, she reminds me a lot of my own ele´s old look ^^
The armour mix isn´t groundbreaking, but it definitely looks good and I love what you did with the dyes in certain places
The legs for example look simply stunning and the boots look really regal and remind me of porcellain
Everything paired of with a great presentation easily makes this a gold for me!
2016-07-15 14:32

Nice, but we need more originality screenshots.

Silver for me.
2016-07-16 4:19

Fashion Collector
To all: Thank you for your comments =)

And yeah, it is so true, that the armour mix is used by many, but it does look good xD
But I tried to make the best iut of it and it's nice to hear that you like my dye choices.

The screenshoty are just normal poses with a few emote/attack poses (wich I liked from the many I took), but it suits my Sylvari and I like them, which is the main reason. xD
2016-07-16 4:56

Beautiful and elegant, if a bit creepy looking. (Those eyes... O__O )
The only thing I don't really like about this is how unbalanced the gold color is on the character since there's a huuuuge portion on it concentrated on the chest. Buuuuuut.... That's a) mostly just an opinion thing, it doesn't look bad at all and b) pretty hard to handle anyway because of the dye system.
At any rate, very good stuff! :D
2016-07-16 9:28

Fashion Collector
Thank you for the comment =D
I really like her eyes and find them not creepy, but you're not alone with the creepy eyes feeling, friends of mine think that too xD
The gold in the chest is not to much, but like you said its an opinion-thing and luckily everyone has the own taste =D
Would be boring if everyone had the same.
2016-07-17 3:53 in reply to ShadowMageAlpha