A Curse's Gift

By hellsqueen on July 15th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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For a noble, being perfect and proper was always a must. You had to look perfect and unfortunately for she seemed to have been born with a constant tinge of red around her eyes, which she was taught to hide. Nobles had the idea in their minds that presentation was just as much the key to success as knowing important people, but success for what she wondered even though she was only 9 years old. If it was for a successful marriage, she hated the idea that someone wouldn't love you for the way you are. If it was a successful career, she had seen happier common folk who lived comfortably and she would have been just as happy with that. She tried to discuss it with her childhood friend but he seemed to never understand and agreed with the grown ups and claimed that he could never love someone who wasn't beautiful. She knew he had a crush on her and out of rage she wiped the make up from her eyes and showed him the light colouring that her family had told her was ugly and ran off, upset that her friend would ever think so poorly of her.

Many of the nobles had seen her run home clear of the make up and gossip started spreading, many claim that her eyes had come from a curse that Grenth cast upon her for crimes of her family. Everyday cut her like a knife, people who once loved her now cast her down and told their children not to play with her out of fear of Grenth's curse spreading. All expect her best friend, guilty for what he had caused by not understanding why the concept of loving someone for who they were was so important to her, he came and apologized. This made the pain of the everyday whispers surrounding her easier to cope with.

The looks and whispers continued on into the next year, her parents decided to betray her in order to lift the burden of the lies against her on the birthday celebration organised for her, where most had just come to stare at her. Her parents announced that it was not them who were cursed with anything more than the inability to have a child and being homeless people gifted an opportunity, but her birth parents who had worked close to the royal family had sensed danger and set up a plan to protect their newly born daughter. Shocked and hurt by the fact they had not told her sooner, again she ran. She ran to the library and it was there she ran into the young Queen Jennah who was doing research, the Queen had greeted her more kindly than anyone had in the past year. Upon finding out her name, Jennah claimed to have kept a gift to give to the young girl when she became of age but decided she would give it to her now as it seemed like she needed it.

The gift was a grubby, old book with a hooded skull figure on the front which she soon discovered was a book about death magic, unsure why her birth parents left her such a strange gift, she did not do much reading into it yet. She tried to continue her life, best friend by her side. Eventually, she snapped. Instead of running home, she walked home, angrily yet proud. She found the darkest make up she could find and coated it on her face, to make her look terrifying. She picked up the book filled with death magic and started practicing with it, summoning she found very painful at first but it distracted her from the pain of everything else.

She started walking around confidently and uncaring of those who whispered about her and instead people began to gossip about how they had seen her practicing magic but extremely unsure of what kind but they didn't believe anything that could come from her was good. It wasn't until a small attack that occurred in Divinity's Reach that endangered the Nobles and some surrounding common folk, she used her new powers with the help of common boy with mechanical creations to save everyone.

After that she hung out with this common boy, who thought she was remarkable, beautiful and that her magic was incredible. She also thought the world of him and loved that they were both creators in their own way. She finally found someone who loved her for who she was, who would support her through anything and soon after they left to adventure together for the rest of their lives, trying to be the heroes the world needed.

Eventually she returned home to visit her adoptive family, who were so proud of her. Her childhood friend, Lord Faren had organized a party in her honor and everyone showed up, although surprised by her new bone and tattered look. However, that was Faren's other surprise for her, he tried to gift her clean and extravagant clothes to represent someone of such tremendous deeds. She graciously accepted the clothes and the tattered them up herself and paired them with the gross gloves she found on her adventures with her loved one. Although, it was not as Faren had pictured, he was thoroughly impressed with how rough and glorious she looked even with torn clothes.

Returning home and having the respect of those who used to torment her was one of her greatest victories because she did it, all without changing who she was and who she became.

(This story is a bit of a longer one than usual but this is because my necromancer was my first character, she is my PvE main and I love her. She is the strongest of all the characters I have in terms of PvE and I am very proud of her. In terms of most of my stories, they are inspired by stories I build up over time of playing the character and the personality that develops over the length of time that I play them. There are many stories in which I include reference to some other characters, whether that be NPC characters, such as Queen Jennah here or Lord Faren, or the characters that I have conducted my adventures with, such as my boyfriend who I also tend to pair my characters with romantically in some way. If there are any spelling errors, please do let me know, I would really like to fix those ^-^)

(I actually didn't intend to do my necromancer so soon, I actually intended to do her last because she was so significant to me but as I was scouting spots and practicing the best way to take photos action wise for each character, I decided this turned out better than I expected and I adored a lot of her poses, so I decided to just post them.)

[As usual, please do give me some feedback, especially on my screenshots. I have two other projects which I would appreciate you checking out and giving me feedback on those too, especially on my Ranger/Druid because I updated the photos since I originally posted it. Thank you very much



In all seriousness though, your necro is one of my favorite of the 12 toons you've made so far, and as for the story, personally I find it great, but you'd just call be biased :P Keep up the good work
2016-07-15 0:57

P.S. It's great to see your toons with good graphics for a change :P
2016-07-15 1:00

I really like your header picture, it is a real eye grabber because of the action pose and most of your screens are rather fabulous action shots also. They really show off her look.

I love this outfit, it is nice to see something different on a necromancer that the Primitive Meta, and as your story says she is of nobility, so the gold really makes her look important but the greens and blacks give her that dark magic sort of feel.


Overall, this is absolutely awesome and it's a gold from me!
2016-07-15 4:16

Damn hellsqueen, your improvement skyrocketed to the stars o.O
First of all i love your armor comb! It looks fancy with the golden accents and still necroish with the dark green dyes! I love that you held back with the black and only used "Abyss" so that we can still see the details of the armor!
Also, she has this gothic-like appearence which i find very appealing!
The red hair that still kinda bugs me with your other outfits, looks perfectly fine here!
And your improvement with screenshots and description is tremendous!!!
The title-screen looks SOOOO epic :O and i know how hard it is to get such screens! Very well done!!!
With your current upload-level i cant wait to see more from you!
Definitely Gold for this one! :D
2016-07-15 11:25

^-^ YAY, thank you so much! I like this game so much I was really eager to improve, I kept practicing when I had nothing to do in taking action shots, so I had a lot of fun learning to improve.
2016-07-15 21:48

Elessar Taralom
The effort you put into the presentation is really admirable and something I value really really high
Despite the fact that I dislike some of the basic things here like the face, the overall charater looks nice
The armour mix isn't unseen, but it definitely looks good and the dyes look regal and fitting vor a necromancer
In this look I do really like the red hair; it's a nice contrast and I feel like it gives your character all the more personality
2016-07-16 3:35