Traveler of the Cosmos

By Supa on July 8th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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Ever since I was a Young genius I knew that there was more to the world than just the planet Tyria. Many nights I would lie down and gaze up upon the stars just wondering what is out there; how to reach the parts of existence the existed outside the Mist, and workings of the Eternal Alchemy. I made it my mission in life to reach those places that were outside from the ever expansive Mist.

Countless years I have been studying the Mist and its farthest reaches, and at last my research has led me a tool that will allow me to go to the edge of the mist and beyond.

The Astralaria!

So long, my fellow Tyrians. I go where even the Gods fear to tread!
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Hey folks!

I just recently made the legendary axe, Astralaria, so I decide that I would make my warrior a new armor set to go with it. And I think it turned out great!

The armor is kinda generic (T3 legs and such), but it goes well with the overall theme of a space traveler, and the effects of Astralaria + chaos gloves in my opinion are a match made in heaven.

Hope you all enjoy it! I had fun making it.


Indeed it turned out very great !
One of the few looks were chaos gloves fit imo. I love the colors, the combo chest/legs is interesting too. The effects on the arms look good too.
Very good screens, such a beautiful axe !

Just a little suggestion, have you try the new blue hair color ? Maybe it'll fit your dyes even better ?

Anyway gold :D
2016-07-09 1:22

Thank you very much for the input.
2016-07-09 1:54

Fashion Collector
Very lovely :D chaos gloves fit well here. Beautiful screenshots of Astralaria. The cosmos effect looks prettier than I expected :D Your armor comb and dyes are also spot on for this theme. I can't give this other than gold to be honest. You made a solid look around this legendary.
2016-07-09 3:59

Elessar Taralom
Wow, on first glance I was really flabbergasted on how you got this galaxy effect all over him!
The Chaos Gloves and the arm effect of the legendary really flow well into each other and the rest of the armour you chose looks fittingly galactical and spacy! Love that you kept it simple with the dyes and I simply adore his face and hairstyle (even though I do agree with Pattou that the colour is slightly off; it looks okay on the ingame screens but is quite noticeable in the login screen)
But apart from this little nitpick this is a great overall upload worthy of a big fat gold!
2016-07-09 4:55

thanks for the comments everyone!

As for the hair, I was kinda torn on what color I wanted. It was between Black and this color (I think its was called Electric Lavender), but in the end I decided to go with the purple because I like the color. However the tips are still appreciated!
2016-07-09 16:58