Inquest Saboteur Frikkyl

By Viddharta on May 24th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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"Listen, I don't make the rules, I merely apply them. And in this job, the n°1 rule happens to be that no matter what, the Inquest should always be unequalled.", the Asura explains, shoving the research documents in his bag. "Well, of course I did murder some competitors, but you can't make progress without breaking some skulls, that's something they teach us quite early on."
He adjusts his glasses, and hands over a paper to the badly wounded krewe member. "Oh, by the way, would you mind signing this before I set fire to your lab? It's to confirm you won't press charges against the Inquest nor its members from now on. I'd sign it for you, but I've got standards, you see?"


Here's Frikkyl, my Asura thief. I wanted him to look kinda like a disgruntled albino lab rat, as I'm not really into cute looking Asura. I kept the black & red color scheme of the Inquest NPCs, while showing some skin for contrast. I used the glasses because I felt like making him look a bit geeky was more fitting for the whole "I do everything by the book, the Inquest book", lawful evil kind of character I had in mind.


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Not fond of the glasses but other than that I like it :) gave you gold
2016-05-24 17:21

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