Elemental Vanguard

By Tetrama on May 22nd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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"Flames, smoke and ash, the smell of burnt vegetation and corpses. If there was a hell, it would smell better than this. The breath of fire licked at the boulder around her, hotter than anything she’d ever conjured. How could a measly fireball spell compete with this unending storm of flame and fury?

Memories flashed of the day’s ordeals. The triumphant departure, the invigorating speeches, the thrill of the assault. Most of incident was a blur. Screaming soldiers, crazed traitors, rending explosions. The fleet fell with horrific speed and efficiency. She woke to find herself alone amidst burning wreckage, the seeming sole survivor in a vast, foreign jungle.

The jungle was deceiving, lush and fragrant upon cursory glance. Yet ravenous beasts sulked in the vegetation. Beetles with the strength and size of a charr stalked the open plateaus. And the Mordrem lurked behind every corner, preying on the lost and the scattered. Sheer will to live, and a few well-timed spells, were all that kept her from falling victim to the dangers of the jungle.

She found allies just as night crept overhead, and what started as a brief respite in a safe encampment soon became a slaughter. The winged beast struck without warning, flames and fire scorching the camp before half the soldiers knew it. The lucky ones died instantly. The unlucky ones cowered behind whatever cover they could find, forced to listen as the beast thundered forward to finish the job.

But this couldn’t be the end. Not now. Not to this creature. Mordremoth was still out there, and someone had to continue the fight. The flame jet died down, the beast paused. It was a chance, however slim, to strike.

She leapt into action, fire and lightning brimming at her fingertips. She had a wyvern to fight."


My most recent and current look for my Tempest. I purchased the incarnate armor on a whim, and felt the need to make some kind of look around the leggings. I aimed for a battlemage style look, which made the Vigil chestpiece almost a no-brainer. I'm also a sucker for the Vigil shoulders, so on they went. The trickster gloves and boots felt thick enough to pass for leather gauntlets and greaves, to contribute to that battlemage feel. I also wanted a headpiece that didn't obscure or hide the hair, and the stately circlet was solid and fairly ornate, compared to the simple Vigil headpiece (plus, I wanted to avoid using too much Vigil armor).

I chose the Shiverpeaks Dirk and Hard Wood Horn for the weapons, mainly due to how they matched the pottery dye.

All-in-all, a look I'm satisfied with, though I do find myself preview tweaks and changes every so often in case I can find some improvement to it.


I like this look, the idea, the armor in general, the dyes are very good ones.
But I feel like the boots doesn't fit at all, I guess they are too big. Did you try the Apprentice Shoes? [&ChAAAAA=] I guess those would fit pretty cool.
I love her face on the first screenshot.

Good job ;)
2016-05-23 6:26

Elessar Taralom
While the armour mix itself isn´t THE most original I ever saw, it makes a really good looking combination! It´s sexy. but not over the top and I like the shoulders in particular; they are just such a nice alternative to the overused scarf!
Taking dyes into consideration it just creates a great overall mixture between practical and fashionable and that´s what I like the most about it
The presentation is flawless, great screens and an interesting story, everything I want to see in a gold look ^^
2016-05-23 6:35

Fashion Guru
I really like this look and I think you managed to create a very authentic and beautiful look. The shoulders were such a good choice and I like how you tried to give her some boots and gloves that have more of a leather structure, it's a very nice addition!
Your dyejob is very neat, the combination of a very natural brown- tone with a dark blue is very neat and it doesn't look out of place.
The screens are just lovely, I like how they are telling the story you created for her especially the one's where she's fighting a Wyvern are amazing. I really like the overall presentation of you character and this look deserves gold :3
2016-05-23 8:26

Fashion Collector
Well... everybody already expressed what I thought. *lol*

I like the armour mix. I would pick other pants and boots, but mostly by my own liking. Nice scheme dye, well worked these tones. Also the weapon chosen fits great.

I'm glad you decided to go for a non "oh I'm an elementalist so I must shine like the sun and the stars!" canon. Her appearance is very terrenal, if I can use this term for defining it.

Also, great screenshots. So it's great the story.

For me, a gold.
2016-05-23 9:24

Absolutely love this look!
The outfit appears quite practical, yet stylish :D
A perfect battlemage outfit imo!
I love that you chose such a natural face and didnt make her a barbie doll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The screens and story add an awesome presentation to this lovely look ... so Gold without hesitation :D
2016-05-23 11:07

Fashion Guru
Your toon creation, dye choices and screens won me over. Gold.
2016-05-23 11:18

Fashion Guru
Very nice battlemage outfit. I love the armor mix except the boots that are too big for me.
2016-05-23 17:56

Fashion Guru
I hadn't looked too much at the apprentice boots, but they felt a little too stylish to match the rest of the outfit during my initial experiments. I'll check them again next time I'm on. Thanks, Migg!
2016-05-23 18:47 in reply to Migg

Fashion Guru
I like the idea of a scarf on certain characters, but the shoulder scarf always felt too large to me. Vigil shoulders are smaller, and feel more natural. Thanks much, Elessar
2016-05-23 18:49 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much! The screens with the wyvern were killer, literally, so I'm glad some of them worked out well.
2016-05-23 18:50 in reply to AnaChronism

Fashion Guru
I with you there, I can never bring myself to make a bright white, flashy look. Thanks for the feedback, Cambeleg!
2016-05-23 18:52 in reply to Cambeleg

Fashion Collector
This looks is flawless, what really surprised me how you made the Trickster armor bits work with the dyes.What outshines the look itself for me are the screenshots.
A Gold-en job! :)
2016-08-07 16:04

Fashion Guru
Thanks, Garrius!
2016-08-10 1:14 in reply to Garrius