Time Keeper Arcana

By Pale Reaver Poppy on May 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Continuation to Forest WItch's Story.

With Arcana not knowing her mother's secrets, Arcana went to her mother's secret room, seeing strange potions with unworldly ingredients, minuets after, she saw a strange light, as she went closer she saw her mothers face. Her mother looked at Arcana's beautiful teary eyes, with her mother crying, she told Arcana that her best gift for her is in the trunk near the potions, and after that, her mother suddenly just disappeared. Arcana went to the place where her mother told her to go, and after she went to the place she saw an old trunk, she tried to open the chest but the chest was magically sealed, Arcana used her magic to unlock the chest, after unlocking it, she saw a really beautiful chest with a note saying, "This was crafted with a magical cloth collected by your grandmother and made by her own very hands, she told me that someday you would find a use to this." she took the staff and almost left when she noticed something hidden from the chest, it was a staff with a powerful magical property made by the first witch of their family, it has been passed generation by generation, Arcana going back to their old house, wore the dress and wielded the staff, as times goes by, Arcana realized that the staff can manipulate time if used right. Now, Arcana wanders around the forest being the last witch of their family, protecting the forest from evil beings.


Fashion Guru
Armour is sadly not too exciting since it's almost one armourset which is a little bit boring imo.
I like the weapon you used and I see that you tried to create a dye scheme that would be fitting and I think the dyes are in general not bad but it's bothering me that the bottom leg part has a different shade to it that looks very off to me. The purple dye in general is kinda disconnecting here and I think you could find a different colour that would fit so much better.
Screens are not bad, you could try to play with the camera settings a bit more though sometimes your character looks a bit too far away and with the right settings this wouldn't be a problem anymore. Also try some close ups, action- shots and find some more fitting locations that would reflect your armour and theme a little bit better.
Other than that the presentation is really nice but the look itself is sadly not too interesting and I would love to see some different pieces here I am sure you would be able to find something pretty and fitting ^^
2016-05-19 8:31

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