Feral Charr Druid

By Shidah on April 29th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
4 6
1 0
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I was aiming for a feral look with this one, had a charr in mind who 'd grow up and live in the Wild on her own.


I like her!
She definitely has the feral look you were going for :)
I like that the armor looks like she could move in it very well. The simple dyes fit the theme great as well. I'm just not sure about the dyes of the wreath of cooreration. The piece itself is cool, since it makes her hairstyl even more messy, but Ithink the blue dye stands out too much, and would suggest a brown-gold dye.
Also I would love to see some more close up screens.
Overall it's still a gold from me :)
2016-04-29 6:41

I'd to see a little touch of a brighter dye on your character, because it looks like she's dusty or that she've lost her colors somewhere. But I really like the mix, still a bit of work on the screens too, but you take time to post more than only one, so that's already a good thing !
That's a silver, but very close from gold, great work :)
2016-04-29 8:31

I absolutely love your style!!!! :-)
2016-04-29 12:56

I like the bony theme and sleek appearence of this huntress :D
The dyes are very natural and therefore very fitting for this look imo! You weapon-choice is also spot on!
My only critique would be the screenshots. A few more would be nice and some more closeup screens would also be appreceated :P
Some more words for description wouldnt hurt either, though you pretty much hit the core of what you wanted to explain in very few words ^^
I love the look, but i feel the presentation could be better, so its a silver from me now, with high potential to Gold though!
2016-04-29 21:12