Orrian Artefact

By NanaItalia on April 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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24 8
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"Once, I was the Queen of the Sea, ruler of the Oceans of the world you call Tyria. My reign was just and peaceful. But then the creatures from the shore came, afraid of my power and sealed my soul in a piece of steel with their magic. When their race died, I was lost and forgotten in a great hall with many other artefacts. Then, one day I was found. The steel that binds me, was forged into this sword and I was presented to the royal family of Orr. As you can see, human, my former owner does not need me anymore. So you can decide, leave me here to rott in this tomb forever, or take me with you, and I shall grant you the power of the Queen of the Sea."

Well, I guess you can see, how my necro decided xD

Hey guys o/
This is a look for my necro I made some time ago. I was playing around with light armor and tried to find something, that would suit the chrono shoulders, so I went for armor pieces with some metal on them. Also I kept the incarnate mask, since I just love it with my necro's hair :) As dye scheme I tried matching the orrian greatsword, since I think it's a really cool skin.
So dyes are basicly a muted green and an orange-red to fit the handle.
Let me know, how you like her :)


She's gorgeous ! The first screen is awesome ! It's great that you fit this weapon so well, and I love the little story it's really nice to read things like that. Gold from me ! :)
2016-04-23 9:11

Amazing screens!
2016-04-23 9:57

Your colour-concept is so awesome!
It fits the sword very well and its nice to see this sword being used, because i think it looks very cool :D
Plus the screens are amazing!
Gold from me! :)
2016-04-23 10:25

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Love how u matched the dyes with the orrian blade! its quite good! great story. altho i am not sure about the armor mix. it isn't outstanding like most of your looks ^^ but still great performance
2016-04-23 12:14

Elessar Taralom
Wow, I love this look! The Incarnate mask just always gets me
Taking a rather underappreciated weapon set and making a cool look around it is always a challenge, but you definitely succeeded!
The mix of red and green dyes just looks so amazingly stunning! The screens are also to die for and I wish I could give you more than gold for such a well executed upload!
2016-04-23 12:57

Perfect dyes, and the weapon fits very well!
Nice screenshots :D
2016-04-23 14:02

Fashion Guru
Your dyes, and screenshots are very good, and i like how you matched it with this sword which is as Elessar said, rather underappreciated.
I cannot however stop being a little conflicted when it comes to the armor mix and story. I don't get much of that "Queen of the Sea" feel from the armor.
it's not enough to keep me away from giving you gold though! ^^
2016-04-23 18:00

Thanks Pattou, I'm glad you like the little story :)
2016-04-24 7:02 in reply to Pattou

Thx Wermora! :)
2016-04-24 7:02 in reply to Wermora

Thank you Hylek! :) Glad you like it.
2016-04-24 7:03 in reply to Hylek

Haha, I myself think the armor mix is quiet obvious. This was actually just an "transitioning-look", when I was looking for a new outfit for my necro :) I just uploaded it, because I had taken enough screens back then and really liked the theme with the sword ;D
2016-04-24 7:08 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Aw, thanks Elessar, it makes me so happy, you like it :)
Incarnate mask for the win xD
2016-04-24 7:09 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thanks Migg :)
2016-04-24 7:10 in reply to Migg

I get your point with the story. The story is actually just about the sword and not about the look itself, and I came up with it quiet some time after I created the look. So you're right, the story and the armor are not really connected. But creating a look, that would acutally fit the story, sounds like a great challenge to me :)
So thanks for still giving me gold, Roamin!
2016-04-24 7:15 in reply to Roamin

awesome as always. you are an expert with dyes! they always match so well and look stunning. armor combo is also amazing of course :D
2016-04-24 10:46

hahahah the british spelling of artifact :') i know that from my english class heheh. golden look =)
2016-04-24 20:59

Thanks Chro :)
It was quiet difficult to match the dyes of the boots with the rest of the look, because dyes on the profane skins always appear much brighter.
2016-04-25 7:56 in reply to Chro

haha, I just googled it x'D wasn't sure how to write it and this variant was just the first one to pop up :)
english is not my native language, so my english might be a mix of british and american and lots of spelling mistakes xD
thanks for gold :)
2016-04-25 8:00 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
What a beautiful look!
I love the armour combination especially the chestpiece combined with the leg- piece I kinda wanted to create a look with both of these pieces as well :P
You made a very good choice using the Chronomancer- shoulders and I also like the boots they are quite fitting and don't look 'off'.
The Incarnate Mask is one of my favourites I simply love this one so good choice :D
The dyes are really awesome I love the little green addition to your outfit and it matches your weapon!
Screens are amazing as well you took some very nice shots and the locations are just on point.
Gold for days :3
2016-04-26 6:19

Thank you, AnaChronism. Glad you like her! :)
I actually just started liking the incarnate mask, when my necro got her new hairstyle. If I try using another mask now, it looks like something is missing xD
I would love to see a look from you with the chest-leggins-combo ;)
2016-04-26 8:00 in reply to AnaChronism

Amazing look! The mix is so interesting and I love the colors. This red/orange is perfect ! *-*
I also love this mask very much !
I'm not sure if the style of your greatsword really goes with the style of your armor, but colorwise it fits perfectly. Also it goes very well with your story so... it's just a tiny detail^^
I love following your looks and I can't wait for the next one... ^^ GOLD ! :D
2016-04-26 21:33

voted gold! are you aware too that the grenth backpiece tassels actually match your dye choices? :D
2016-04-27 12:51

Thank you, Kadalyst :)
You're right, the backpiece would fit the dyes... sadly I do not have it and it's a bit expensive... one day maybe hahaha ;)
2016-04-28 3:26 in reply to Kadalyst

Thx Acethyle! I feel honoured, that you're looking out for the next look, even if it puts me a bit under pressure haha :)
The armor combo was actually there before the sword, so you're right, it's just the dyes, that make it fit together. When I would create a look from scratch with the sword in mind from the beginning, it would propably look different xD
2016-04-28 4:30 in reply to Acethyle