Atropos Azurespear - Warrior (Anime Themed)

By bubblescover on April 20th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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When the throat roars
As eyes weep
When the hand grips hard
With trembling fingers
When belly twists
Yet legs stand strong
That is the work
Of the Defiant Atropos

This is an anime themed look for those who love anime . Its an expensive look as it requires the legendary item Twilight . Dyes used were Abyss , Imperial red and Celestial . If u have any questions feel free to add me ingame . My main character name is " Atropos Azurespear "

All the images were taken ingame. sry for the average picture quality .


Welcome to :)
Really nice look! I like the armor mix and the poses on your screens are pretty cool! It still would be nice to have a screen, where you can see the look better, maybe from character select.
Just the dyes are not really my taste, I don't like red-black-white combos so much. However the backpack is a great choice here.
It's silver from me ;)
2016-04-20 5:41

hey thnx for the response . i am new here and i am stuggling to take high quality screenshots . my image seems to tear up or look worse when i take the screenshots ..
2016-04-20 6:01

hey man i love wathching animes and i like the style of this look . u can use programs like fraps to take screenshots with better quality :)
2016-04-20 6:19

I know your problem well, my first screens sucked hard xD
I personaly have an nvidia graphic card now, that allows me to set gw2 to a 3840x2160px resolution even if my screen is just 1920x1080.
I don't know about your pc, but putting the ingame settings to max and using a program like niko suggested should do the trick, too :)
2016-04-20 7:20 in reply to bubblescover

Fashion Guru
Hi, Welcome to gw2style :)
you say you are struggling with image quallity? what are your graphics settings and Resolution when taking the screenshots?
I think the Screenshots are quite alright, though i think moving the camera a bit down if possible and zooming in using the Field of View setting could work better overall. your characters feet are very low on the screen, even on the bit further distance screenshots, leaving a lot of room in the top part of your screenshots
What I usually try to do, is I offset the camera a bit to the left or right so my character would be placed around the Golden ratio, use the Field of view setting to get closer to my character so they take up more of the screenspace and then find some beautiful/interresting backround which I make sure is not blocked by my character.
for your look itself, I find there's a little too much contrast in the colors, and the red also seem to not leave much texture detail which is usually a common problem for black/white dyes.
Abyss seem to work quite well here, so i would probably find a slightly darker white and red for less contrast and more texture detail.
otherwise very well done look! high silver (close to gold) rating from me :D
2016-04-20 8:49