By Arcane Majesty on March 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
10 5
3 0
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This look has all things bat **** crazy and dark and ominous. I knew this was something I wanted to try out when the Bat Wing back item came out and Chiroptophobia with Nightfury seemed like the obvious choice for me.

Named: Chiropterra


Lovely look!
You matched the colours of the wings perfectly on the legpiece!
The armor-comb is nothing new. but i like what youve done with it! I also love that you held back with black dyes and kept it subtle!!!
Bats as a theme are quite ... expensive xD but you managed it!
Some screens at night wouldve been nicely athmospheric, but thats just a little critic ;)
Definitely one of the better bat-themed looks! Gold from me
2016-03-29 22:05

Fashion Collector
Some more diverse screen locations would of been nice but other than that, you definitely pulled off the bat look. Like Hylek said your dye management is what helps this piece you went with more darker earthy tones like bat fur rather than party store black with red eyes bat. It's a gold for sure.
2016-03-29 23:12

Love it! Didn't expect pink in the dye selection but it really adds that nice splash to match the bat GS. Gold =)
2016-03-29 23:41

The look's name is cool!
I think you created a great look for the shoulders. You definitely nailed the bat-theme. Mini, staff, greatsword, wings everything is perfect and enhanced the armor. I'm surprised to see violet dyes in this, but it fits well :)
GOLD! :)
2016-03-30 5:11

Elessar Taralom
Lovely theme you got going on here, the dyes are really a perfect match to the batwings!
Sure, the armour mix is nothing I haven´t seen, but it is a bat look, so I don´t expect bows and tull here, so that is totally fine!
Your weapons and mini are well chosen and it is neat that you already gave us plenty of fitting screens, I just wish they were a bit more varied
Still gold from me ^^
2016-03-30 5:36

Lots of people created bat-theme look, but your is definitely one of best!
everything is concentrated around bat theme- wings, weapons, even mini. Also great choice of dyes :)
However as people above said you should work a bit on screens, maybe some close snaps and more location.
Anyway gold for you bat lady :D
2016-03-30 6:34

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
i see a load of bats even npcs which looks like belong with u haha great job. gold
2016-03-30 7:57