By Sachiel on March 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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A Harry Potter inspired look in Gryffindor house's colors.


Fashion Guru
The main picture is simply beautiful! I like the idea of the backpack and the book too :) I don't know about the rest of the weapons but to be fair I wouldn't know what could fit better x)
We already have some style based on Harry Potter here, but hey, it's still a cute look :)
I think some screens taken at Divinity's Reach could also fit the theme !
2016-03-06 13:08

Well, this is inventive! I haven't seen much of this here on gw2style. Consider taking a pic with a scepter (you can use one as an ele, right?) or staff. As RedIvy said, you might also want to take some pictures in Divinity's Reach.
2016-03-06 13:30

Elessar Taralom
Really cute idea!
2016-03-06 13:47

Fashion Guru
I love this - such a cute idea, really well executed. Gold! :)
2016-03-07 8:47

Fashion Guru
It's an awesome and cute idea and I like the look you created! Only thing I have to complain about are the dark dyes which appear a bit too often I think some lighter tones maybe a light grey like on the Hogwarts overalls would be nice but it's just a very very small detail. Other than that it's really well done and I like it! :3
2016-03-07 9:28

Fashion Guru
really cute idea ^^
2016-03-07 13:24

I agree, very nice idea, main pic is just awesome! :)
Think you can improve your look with small details, but overall it very nice and orginal! ^^
2016-03-07 18:22

pure gold. love the main picture.
2016-03-09 10:20

I love this so much and I'll fight anyone who doesn't tbh.
2016-07-15 0:58

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