Roselane - G.E.S (Genetically Enhanced Sylvari)

By RedIvy on February 15th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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2 5
3 0
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This is, I admit, a very very very odd look :p but I wanted to match this concept :

Roselane is a sylvari enhanced with the core of metals and essences of toxic plants.

Roselane woke up from her dream in a lab. Disoriented and oppressed by this place and her newly discovered powers, she flew away and never came back, not until the generation of asuras who captured her were gone.
She became a guardian and started helping Tyria. Still haunted by her nightmares...


Fashion Guru
This is so different im not quite sure what to make of it to be honest lol I think when you said "enhanced with the core of metals and essences of toxic plants" I would like to see some screens that support that :D See her in action!
2016-02-19 11:54

Fashion Guru
That actually mainly meant she is a sylvari in metal armor and, it's difficult to show that, she was "Genetically Enhanced".

Which is why I took picture in Rata Sum :p because those who did this were asuras. It's also a good reason to mix many weird colors (the "toxic" aspect of her).

I was inspired, for the colors by one of the level, in Tomb raider Angel of Darkness : Bio-Research Facility.
The story, is inspired by Dark angel :) which is why a took a screen in the Black Citadel, for the post-apocalypse look of it.

But I understand completly, I knew perfectly well that this look wouldn't be necessarily liked by all, it's more personnal. I put it online because I like having her in my gallery and also I wanted to show her to a friend :p

Thank you for your idea! I will try to show her in action or maybe other screens, but it's not easy since it's such a peculiar theme x)
2016-02-20 3:53 in reply to Purgatori

Fashion Guru
See ... I pictured a Wolverine type situation and imagined COE as a place that would work really well for screens :) Ty for sharing her :)
2016-02-22 17:59 in reply to RedIvy

Fashion Guru
Oh yeah that works too! Thank you again for you idea :D
2016-02-23 9:19