Mahät - Sylvari's Retaliation

By RedIvy on August 14th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
11 15
9 0
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My warrior. I was inspired by the upcoming HoT. I wanted a dark look, but still use some colors (explaining the Midnight Ice dye, the yellow eyes, the weapons and the backpiece).

I love the Dwayna weapons, there are shiny and give the "epic-ness" of this very 'classic' look (even though it isn't that common). I love how smooth and shiny are those armor elements.

She is name after Ma'at/Maât, the goddess (from ancient egypt) of order, solidarity, balance of the world, peace, truth and justice. ( Those attributes are shared with the character I've created in response to the sylvari's new fate (Season 2/HoT).

The look is very simple look but fits what i've wanted : a warrior-leader for the sylvari's crisis.

Hope you like ^^

(Ps : It's crazy how I alway find the look better in the game, the screens are never good enough x/)


It looks amazing :D
The only thing that I don't really like is the backpiece, but maybe with other lights it looks better :)

Nice screens
2015-08-14 13:14

Fashion Guru
Thanks :D
2015-08-14 13:21

thing are kinda too much mixed omp.
2015-08-15 14:19

Fashion Guru
I get the backpiece (which I like) but for the rest I'm pretty please with myself ^^ without a doubt :p
but thanks for your point of vue :)
2015-08-15 16:53

Fashion Collector
I'm not seeing a coherent theme here. You've got the Mawdrey backpiece, which adds to the bramble/dark part of the Sylvari nature, but everything else is metal, excepting the laurels which bring a clash of verdant leaves into the mix.

The Dwayna weapons don't suit anything about this attire, and stick out like a sore thumb. Huge clash.

The armor pieces might be nicely mixed, but it's hard to tell because it looks like you dumped a vat of ink over your character, so there's no definition, and the eye isn't drawn anywhere in particular.

The screens are composed well, but the attire is lacking.
2015-08-15 18:29

Fashion Guru
To me, doesn't seem like a big missmatch, all is subjective i guess ;) really crazy how sometimes Oo
Plus, there isn't really a big theme, sort of an original character. The weapons are supposed to stick out like that :) If I wanted sometimes for others to like, I probably would had use like the legionnary weapons and no backpiece. But this is what I wanted ^^

Thank for your point of vue :)
still liking it anyway :)
2015-08-15 18:55

Fashion Guru
Oh I can feel the dark side ....
2015-08-16 0:06

Fashion Guru
^^ Yes, she's is definitely one of those anti-hero character that can easily lose the path of good! Glad you could feel it :p
2015-08-16 3:00