Chilled Reaper

By Cyberbrain on February 12th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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4 0
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Just a sweet little design I made during the Beta of Heart of Thorns, which actually made it into my real Necromancer after HoT came out. I really like picking Cobalt over Twilight or anything alike , because the Pastel Winter Dye is actually quite fitting for the blue flames of the Cobalt Greatsword. I am not using the Bat-Wings-Backpack frequently they look way too big, but using it for the Glider skin, because it fits the profession.
Anyways, enough talking : Enjoy the Screens !


Elessar Taralom
Solid look, I like how you used this hairstyle and the horns together ^^
I´d advise to use a third dye for accentuation though
2016-02-12 14:00