Mist Warrior

By Kadalyst on January 25th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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1 3
2 0
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Heavy Armor Dye set to match the new fractal precursor backpieces. Armor dyes will match the whole 3 tiers of the backpiece, will also match the Beta Fractal Capacitor if you're still using that (as this was originally designed with that backpiece as the focal point). The midnight violet dye exactly matches the dark tassel on the Beta Fractal Capacitor if you are using that one instead. None of the items used are racial so this look will fit any race or heavy class, but it does contain gemstore items/rare drops that may no longer be available. AFAIK, all the dyes used are common/starter dyes.

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Elessar Taralom
Though the combination itself doesn´t strike me as the most original anymore I really do like how you matched it up to the Fractal theme!
The white hair and especially the monocle are a really nice touch and the dyes are spot on
I just wish there were more screens!
2016-01-25 5:49

I agree with Elessar the dyes are really cool, but i would like to see more screens tho in better lighting, like in DS or Tarir o:
2016-01-25 10:19