Ikana v.02

By silvertree on December 12th, 2015
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
26 2
2 0
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Hey all! :D

It's time to present the new look of my asura mesmer. I went with this look a long time: http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=6738.
But now I had to create something new, that's looks more like a mesmer. And this look is a little bit darker than the look before.
I changed the hair color and all armor pieces. I used classic mesmer colors, but I hope it's not boring. :)

Taking screenshots with the asura mesmer is a lot of fun. Of course I had to take some action screenshots. xD
I really fell in love with the asura. They have really cute emotes.

Pls tell me how you like the look!
Suggetions required. =)


Omg she looks so cool!
I love the colours, i always love colour concepts that fit the profession ;D
My favorite screen is the one in the middle in the second row from the bottom (where shes in the sword-flurry) ... it looks so cool!
Perfect as always, GJ :D
2015-12-12 10:45

Ok that's adorable!
Awesome combination on the colors of the armor with the hair! Not too sure about the boots but they can be overlooked since the armor combinations together work really, really well! Also I'm with Hylek on the screenshot! *shoves a medal against your chest* Just take the gold, take it!!!
2015-12-12 20:24

Fashion Guru
Oh she is perfect! I love evrything ! Black and purple is such a nice combination. The hairstyle is so cool too :D
Gooold as always :)
2015-12-12 21:20

Really love the look! And some really great screen shots too. The one in the middle row with bolt is probably my favorite look. You use a lot of black but still don't get that typical black look. Finally someone using !Illustrious footwear" and "Trickster's leggings" love that combo of skins!
2015-12-13 16:24

OMG OMG thats soooo cuteee xD im so in love. Love the look love the hair and face and love those colours. Everyone can see its a mesmer its perfect. Your previous look was really awesome as well but this one is to die for :D
maybe i would try to see how the backpiece maudrey goes with it cuz its sooo cute and it has the colours ^^ keep the good work so i can get inspired :D
2015-12-23 15:39

It is a great look for an asuran Mesmer. I love the look.
2017-09-10 12:00