Lady Cadenza, Guardian Angel

By Camile on November 19th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Hi guys! This is my tribute character! Every item and color on her has personal meaning to me ( Well, except maybe the helm. That just looks cool! ) From her race, her skin color, her profession, the wings. Consideration went into everything. Possibly the most thought I've put into character creation and outfitting, ever.

100% inspired by late families members. I'm pretty proud of how she came together. I originally had her on a blue/white color scheme but once I started getting ascended weapons I decided it was best to change the dyes to fit them better. Really glad I did, too.

I may be changing the gloves in the future but at this point this is her final *main* look.

I'm going to be trying to upload more pictures of this soon :)


More screens would be really appreciated yes! ^^
As far as i can see i would change the gloves or just use "White" instead of "Celestial" since they look brighter than the other parts.
2015-11-19 17:28

I love it ! Can you add some screen btw ? :)
2015-11-22 12:34