Sylvari Skeleton Reaper

By Yumikki on September 5th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Head Armor: Skull Mask (Starter One)

Shoulder Armor: Scourge's Tendrils (After completing full Scourge HP's)

Chest Armor: Vestments of the Lich (Is a dungeon armor piece from ARAH)

Hand Armor: Leystone Gloves (From meta event in Dragon's Stand map in HOT expansion)

Leg Armor: Flame Legion Pants (is a dungeon armor piece from COF)

Foot Armor: Leystone Shoes (From meta event in Dragon's Stand map in HOT expansion)

Dyes used are: Bloodstone Dark Coral for red, Abyss for black and Olive Tint and Tarnished Silver for the bone color.


Fashion Guru
You don't have to name your armor parts instead of a description (you can see that in the box on the left)! Write why you have chosen the parts (or small background story about your character). Some more screens would also be nice
2019-09-05 18:39

Ah you are right! Ill edit it later. My screenshot game is not up there really haha, ill try to make some more after the weekend! Thnx for the feedback, its my first post :)
2019-09-06 2:00