Ember Champion

By Titan_LordHD on June 11th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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6 0
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Hi Guys! This is my first post on GW2 Style. I hope you like it.

I went for a black color scheme with some red and orange touches. I chose it because I wanted to have a primordus look. I got the armor pretty fast. The only problem were the shoulders, but in the end I chose the Warbeast Pauldrons because I really like the shiny look of them. (If you dont have the Hellfire Vambraces you can just take the Fused Gauntlets. They also fit really good with the armor.)


Fashion Guru
Well, you've listed a lot of weapons here that we don't see anywhere. Make some screens with weapons/action, plus armor in the hero panel. Write a little story or something about your character/armor choice, then we'll see ;)
(And if you post the presentation under "Help wanted", then write what you need and where you need help).
2019-06-11 12:44

Thanks for the helpful comment! I will try to make some nice screens in the near future.
2019-06-14 0:34

I like the look of your character.
2019-06-28 1:13