Gwelynn revisited, Nightmare Courtier

By Mendradex on May 22nd, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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"At first I thought I lost everything: friends, colleagues, loved ones...But after seeing the darkness forced on myself, I have come to realize how little I had lived for before. These struggles are much bigger than you and I, Nightmare is a force that will swing the pendulum back, and as long as there are courts to enforce the ideology, we will bring greatness to our race as a whole.

After all, we are but children of the light, not afraid of our own shadows."

After a while I have updated the looks of my sylvari guardian, and from a warden like look, I have turned Gwelynn into darkness, showing off how a fresh Nightmare courtier would look like.

Overall, I feel like this looks is an improvement, albeit I do miss the metal details of the previous look.


Fashion Guru
Too many Nightmare Court armor pieces. More mix would be more interesting. I like the gloves, they look like winded liana. Your screens are not bad, but also not very good - your character merges with your surroundings/background (on a picture you can hardly see where is NPC, where is your character etc.).
2019-05-22 23:59

Thanks for the critique! I'll try to make the screens look better based on your response for my next looks.
2019-05-23 3:43 in reply to Frans

You are not afraid to set graphics for high details. You like the look of your character. I think so. Maybe there are few shots, but you can see that they are not a selfie without a plan in lion arch. This page has been dead for a long time. If you like to try count yourself that someone will leave you some bronze medals without comment. You've spent some time, and I'm not a person who misjudges you for setting up one armor. Gold.
2019-05-23 9:20

Thanks for the kind comment, Mithras. :D
2019-05-23 14:25 in reply to Mithras